Friday, July 11, 2008

Shout Outs!

We've been pretty lucky, in our married life, to find some great other couples that we BOTH like. Derrick and Sherry Stewart are a FABULOUS go-to couple to hang out with, go to dinner with, camp with, or just chat with in the halls of church. Last month Derrick and Sherry took Tyler and I to the Tim McGraw concert and it totally ROCKED!
Before the concert we went to dinner (with Briggs) to a Thai restaurant. I've never really had Thai food and it was okay, but all the sauces I remember have a distinct peanut-y taste and I'm kinda over that. Plus, according to Tyler, the milder version of the dishes we ordered (thank you nursing) didn't give me an adequate taste of Thai food. I just don't think I like anything so nutty flavored. It's an issue I have. After dinner we dropped Briggs off at my sisters where she and our friend Angela (and Jennie, I heard) watched him while I was getting me some McGraw-lovin'. Man, he is so HOT!
I felt like a giddy school girl walking to our seats since we were SO close to the stage. Derrick definitely knows his concerts and this one was so good. I did find, a few times, I got a little distracted, though, by how well-groomed Tim was AND by the drunken lady a few rows in front of us.

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Yes, it was a great night and a wonderful birthday present from the Stewarts! (SOOOO, shout out to Derrick AND Sherry [who'd sit down with me sometimes since we're old!] and to Erin AND Angela for watching my baby.)
AND I HAVE to give another "WOOT WOOT!" to Jill Thompson for seriously hookin' a sister up with some hand-me-down baby clothes. Holy mother load, Jill! Seriously! I am totally stoked AND stocked for the year for Briggs. Since I was rapidly getting rid of anything baby as Brock grew out of his stuff, I was a little lacking in the baby boy clothes, but no longer my friends. So, thanks, Jill (and Noel, I s'pose) for the many bags of goodies! Briggs will wear them well and have way more style than if I were shopping for him :) I'll pack them up for you in case your next baby after this one is another boy . . . right!?
One more "HOL-LAH" to my friends, Donna and ElRae who are throwing a scrapbookin' smackdown this summer. I'm already getting my trash kicked (for real! this other competitor has already done 20 layouts while I've managed to open a sketch book and think about pages), but I'm excited nonetheless. So, thanks, girls for organizing something way funner (I know, not a word blog snobs!) than sweating away my summer.
I'm also happy to shout out to the gals from girls night out last night. I DO find a lot of strength in the good women I am lucky to associate with and I need my friends. I appreciate their perspective and their stories. I am glad my sister lets me tag along with her friends nowadays since I can't seem to get it together with my peeps!
Anyway, I'm way blessed and lucky with some great friends and I need to remind myself of that when I'm feeling overwhelmed and pecked to death :) Thanks peeps!


Dylan said...

I've never understood what women see when they look at Tim McGraw because to me, dude looks like a shaved ape with a cowboy hat and a fruity wardrobe.

But that's just me...

Tausha said...

I am so jealoius!!! So jealous! yes, I have seen Tim (first name basis for me) 2wice. Yes, that was the reason I coulnd't go.
I so so so still wanted to go! I love him I love looking at him. You had some sweet seats! Did he sweat on you?
Great pictures too! Thanks so much for posting the info, I love that I can live through someone else! :) Maybe when he comes next year, I will just not tell him and go with my sister. Yea, thats what I am going to do!!

Lindsay said...

Wow! Those are some nice friends! Can I just say how totally jealous I am? He's definitely a hottie!
Oh, and I used to be in Sherry's ward when I was really little, so it's kind of funny that we both live on this side of town, just a ward away. I've seen her at wedding receptions, and I even ran into her at the Target in St. George! Well, even like how your dad was my brother's teacher in elementary school. It's crazy how small the world can seem sometimes, especially in the church.

The Carino's said...

Fun times! I haven't been to his concerts, but I do love him comin' through the radio! Oh and I am getting way closer to startin' a page so you better get going : )

Erin said...

Hey, you're not 'tagging along' friends are totally your friends too. Besides, I've done my share of tagging along too. I'm just glad you'll let me drag you along for all our partying.

chris jenkins said...

not into tim mcgraw at all - but it looks like y'all had a good time.

hoo-RAy for good friends - you have many.

totally missin' hanging with ya - i guess i am one of those bad peeps who can't seem to get it together.

and no worries about getting your trash kicked on the scrapbook challenge thing - i've paid to participate and that is about it so far :P