Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vacation Chronicles I

I'm sure since I am sitting down to blog that Briggs will wake from his sleep in his swing. The swing that is sitting in my sister's in-law's townhouse is Provo, Utah. That's right, folks, I packed up my kiddos (yes, all 5 of them . . . I couldn't decide if I should leave Caylee or Brock on the side of the road, so they all made the cut) and we headed up north out of the 100 + temps to hang out for the last week of track break. First, I need to just say how much I love my sister. If you haven't picked up on that, yet, then let it be known here and forevermore that she freakin' rocks. Not only did she invite me and my 5 kids, but also her fun friend Jennie and her 2 boys. So, between the 3 of us moms we've been haulin' all 11 kids (ages: 2mo, 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6, 9, 9) all around the Utah Valley. So much for Erin's idea of a fun week with her kids because now I've honed in on her vay-cay and brought my teasing, whining, boobing, physically aggressive (thanks Brock) kids to really screw it all up. Yet, she's been SO wonderful and generous. I'd like to say I've been a vision of patience, but I haven't been. I have threatened and not followed through A TON and totally lost it nearly as much as my kids, AND REGARDLESS we're having a great time. Tyler said, right before we left, "I just want to remind you that you wanted to do this." Thanks Babe.

So, I finally decided Saturday night to leave Sunday after church. {*Side tidbit : I went with my dad to see Jersey Boys for his Father's Day gift. My mom had actually bought the tickets, but she was kinda sick feelin' and didn't feel up to going, so I scored the spare ticket. It was a great show (there is "strong Jersey language") and I loved that my dad sang out a few times.*} Briggs did a great job travelling and we made pretty good time considering we stopped in Cedar for an hour for dinner, stretching at the park, and gas fill-up. We pulled into the townhouse around 11 and once we were able to negotiate some parking with my beast of a tractor, we settled down.

Monday we got kickin' at the early hour of 11am (okay, but for all of us still runnin' on Vegas time, that's not too bad) and headed over to the BYU campus. Yes, I only went to BYU for a year, but I have a huge place for it in my heart for it and YES! I want all my kids to go here one day. I am not saying my Thunderbird blood from SUU doesn't run thick, but you will never convince me that the Provo experience isn't the best. So, we headed to the Cougareat:

and had lunch. After the duck-duck-goose game got out of hand, we then headed outside for the kids to run around and play tag and chase, etc. We made the kids pose for this picture and eventually all of them stuck their hands under their chins (such pros!)

Then we went back inside to do a little bowling

and I bought the boys some bouncy balls. OK. Note to self. To give a boy a bouncy ball and ask him to not bounce it is like sticking gum in your mouth and saying don't chew. The juices start rollin' and you just can't resist the urge. All the boys were flinging their balls all over the lounge next to the bowling alley and the students in there trying to study or watch TV were visually and obviously disturbed by the boys' joy. Oh well.

After bowling we went to the art museum on campus and we were in and out of there in 10 minutes since it was NOT the life science museum we thought it was and all those kids could not have cared less about the religious art display. We went home for a little break and then went to the Bean museum where they have the a reptile show. It was pretty cute and Brock was loving the animals they got to touch. And he even touched the animals they weren't supposed to touch, like this snake:

The museum was the kids' fave part of Monday, but Tuesday was another good day, too.

We headed to the Lehi pool, but ended up at te American Fork pool with Marie (thanks, girlie, for helping our crew have a good afternoon.) I left a little early and went to hang out with a couple of Tyler's aunts and they were great therapy for my frazzled self. [I used a disposable camera at that pool and didn't bust out the camera for Janette and Karen and their kids.] Then I met Erin and Jennie at Bridal Veil Falls where we hiked around for a bit and had some dinner.

By the time we made it home, the kids crashed and we ladies enjoyed a showing of Pride and Prejudice (a movie that NEVER gets old.)

Today we woke up to Erin's blow dryer since she was getting ready to take her kids to the Creamery for breakfast. We joined her and then we headed to Wheeler Farm. Kinda not a fan after this visit, but I think the park next door would have helped with the "good feelings" that I wasn't feeling, but there was some corporate party so we just walked around looking at the stinky animals and listened to the kids whine about the stench. We are SO city folk. And I have to say I am a little unimpressed with the Wheeler Farm Staff. Just sayin'. We did do the tractor-pulled wagon ride:

After a quick lunch we went to the This is the Place Heritage Park and I LOVED it! And so did my kids. We will be coming back there FOR SURE and I was way impressed with the staff and volunteers who let all the kids in without being all irritated. We went into the little log homes and the kids did chores, willingly! They reported their favorite part was the train ride, but you HAVE to check out how much Erin was loving the ride, too.

We were pretty wiped by the end of the day, so much so that the boys had to hold each other up. Nah, they are just good buds who love each other!

Basically, total good times! We're headed back up north tomorrow to pick Nate up and head to Huntsville for a few days with the Layton family and my kids could not be more excited! The threat tonight was not getting to ride horses tomorrow if they get out of bed too much. (I totally wouldn't follow through with that, though, since it'd be too devestating.) I'm not sure when I'll be coming home. Tyler is coping well enough without me . . . he bought a pontoon boat to ease his heartache. Long story; maybe one day it'll be a post in and of itself. Until the next installment -


The Muehlendorfs said...

I really don't know how you do it. I'm always freaking out about my two kids, worrying about this and that. I would be in a mental institution if I had five kids. Good on ya!!!

chris jenkins said...

i don't get how you do it either and still look good doing it. and how you manage to take so many pictures whenever you are doing it. glad you are having a good week - lots of great pics of everything :)

Donna said...

All I have to say is that you are one brave mama!

Jerolyn said...

cute cute cute~love the photos and don't think for a second I didn't notice your kids and their matching outfits either.
and are brave!

Amy said...

Looks like fun! I too am appreciating the matching-ness of your outfits. It looks like the cousins are getting involved in it too. :)

Troy and Nancee said...

That's a lot of kids!! Good for you for making the trek. Mackenzie fits right in there. If my calculations are correct she will be to BYU in less years than when you were last at BYU. That sure puts things in perspective.

The Fatman said...

Have you ever noticed that the pictures with grass anywhere but in Vegas are always so green!!

annilee said...

Cute pictures! I swear you are SUPER MOM!!! Drive home safe!!! The way home is always longer!

chanel said...

too fun! and you girls always look so GORGEOUS!!! you make the best childhood for your kids and the pictures are going to be treasures!!!

Brynn said...

I love that last picture. Precious. And the one with you in the train is hillarious. Good job for being such a trooper and taking your kids out of vegas to have some fun., I'm always going on trips by myself so I totally know how hard it can be. You had your hands full. I like the picture of all the kids on their tummies at BYU that one is very cute. Fun trip.