Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Me and Marie

So this afternoon, despite my better judgement/because I can hardly resist the Rio, I met my sister (Erin), cousin (Jerolyn) and friend (Jennie) for some lunch. Before meeting, I warned Jer that I hadn't showered from the gym and she confessed she didn't have any make-up on. I told her that we'd probably see someone famous since we both looked like crap (which is kinda a running joke with her because a couple months ago whilst eating there she saw Marie Osmond and the two of them had a camera phone picture moment even though Jer was only sporting her best bun-hair-do and sweatshirt ensemble.) SURE ENOUGH, when we were about done Ms. Marie Osmond comes a-walkin' in. So we stewed for a bit and I pulled out my trusty-keep-in-the-diaper-bag camera as we strategized on how to rudely interrupt without wanting to interrupt, but still be able to ask for a little group photo. Erin finally had to leave and then Jennie gave out so it was me and Jer. We kept spying her food (nachos, soup, and something else) and I even tried bribing Brevin to be the one to go ask the famous lady for a picture.
After building up the nerve and a couple trips to the potty to make sure the kids were well watered, I finally went and invaded her space to ask if she'd take a picture with my family.
She was VERY nice about it all (so hard being famous, you know!) This was how my rambling and her nice-ness went:
ME: Ms. Osmond, I hate to interrupt your lunch, well, not enough to NOT interrupt it, but I know I will really regret not asking you for a picture with my family as soon as I leave, so I just had to do it.
MARIE: Oh, yeah, sure (as she's trying to swallow and clean her teeth off). Do you have a camera?
ME: Yes, it's right here. I had it in my diaper bag. I was just telling my boys how wonderful you are and how much their grandma {SHOUT OUT DODIE!} enjoyed watching you on Dancing with the Stars.
MARIE: (Politely listening takes my camera and gives it to her assistant who pulls a chair over and helps Brock climb up on it.)
Isn't she nice?! I pulled Jerolyn and Ellie into it and the assistant snapped a picture of all the clan. I thanked her a ton, told her I appreciated her being so gracious and letting us take her picture; she'd made my day. Then we totally bolted.
I'm telling you . . . first Harry Reid, then Marie Osmond. I'm going to start a collage frame with all the famous peeps who have lunch with me at Cafe Rio!
PS. Amy, I WILL invite the mayor for lunch. And Wysons/Wadsworths . . . just hang out with me a little longer and I could've hooked you UP!


Amy said...

Sweet, Sarah! I like your famous people album on facebook now. I'm looking forward to seeing Goodman's photo in it. I wonder if Paris & Brittney have been introduced to cafe Rio yet? They're in town a lot, it's only a matter of time until you run into them.

Doty6strong said...

Man I guess I need to start hanging out at Cafe Rio. If it were Donny you ran into I would be so freaking jealous. Brandon met the Oscar Goodman the other day. I'll have him hook you up ;)

Babs said...

I'm so proud of you. I was too chicken to accost her at Costco and get a pic. Instead I just followed her for a bit down the bread isle while Greg followed wondering what I was gawking about.

chanel said...


Sarah said...

Dang! I missed it by a few minutes. That's funny!