Monday, February 16, 2009

What is more lame?

When Tyler walked into the family room a few minutes ago he said, "Are you on facebook again?" with a tone that implied he thought it would be lame that I would be interested in the status changes of my nearest and dearest . . . I mean it had been at least 11 hours since I checked it before bedtime. So, I replied to him, "REALLY? Cuz weren't you just on e-bay looking at trucks for a couple HOURS even though you already have a truck?" (And by truck I will say he also looks at trailers and jeeps too.) But F.Y.I., last night, after I had turned off the computer, he was STILL looking on e-bay, so I'd say he's been logging the most lame-activity-hours on the 'ol in-ter-yer-net.

What's your analysis?

Is it more "LAME" to be perusing e-bay for hours upon hours for trucks, trailers, and jeeps (really, it's about the only thing he looks at)? or is it more "LAME" to be on facebook catching up with old friends and new ones?

(Really, it seems obvious to me ...)


chris jenkins said...

seriously e-bay? you need to get tyler another hobby.

Stac said...

face book is more lame. no question. you could always check thier blog. or call them. imagine that.

Jeannie said...

Definitely more lame to be on e-bay looking for more skateboards-I mean a truck...did I say skateboard?

Erin said...

Ebay all the way in the lame-o department. Checking blogs & calling only gets you so far especially when people don't update or at least with Facebook you can lurk & scope people out without them knowing. Ebay, what??? Pshawwww...I mean, he could at least be perusing Craigs List--isn't that the new ebay these days anyway?

The Fatman said...

Wow I am gonna call it like I see it is!!! Stac you having some anger up there with that imagine that comment or perhaps a certain aunt is visiting? Ok off topic E-bay to me is way lamer cause it is like window shopping which is also way lame!!