Sunday, July 15, 2007

Back online, old post 7-7-07

Me and Tyler after we had loaded the plane, waited on the tarmac, and unloaded the plane.
July 7, 2007
Paris, France

Well, we made it, FINALLY! I figured without considering the time changes, we have been traveling for 24 hours consecutively by the time we made it to our apartment . . . which is fabulous. Small is probably an understatement. More than two people would be obscene to try and work in this place. The elevator (our apartment is on the fifth American floor) can barely smush me and Tyler, which he loves. I can tell it will be the gropevator.

So, we finally got out of Las Vegas at 3:45pm, but didn’t arrive into Houston until 8:45pm (with time changes, etc.) and were aching to get any information (we’re still hoping we’d catch our flight, but no dice) and made it to the Continental service desk right before about 50 other people who had also missed their connections. Talk about a small miracle! The agent told us he could quickly book us on a Air France ticket that left at 9:55pm, so we ran (yeah, I know, totally Amazing Race, especially because we were standing in line for a while and everyone around us was all pissy and stuff, but we stayed calm and I think that’s why we got hooked up. HOWEVER! I don’t understand having 4 agents, one totally devoted to first class passengers, when you KNOW you’ve had rain delays and missed cancellations and rebookings, etc. It was ridiculous, but I digress!) So we get to the Air France counter and they are literally ready to close the doors. There’s all these hee hee haa haa (if you say that nasely it make sense) kind of Frenchmen working the counter with heavy accents and we slip the guy our paper and he types in the computer and NOTHING comes up. Of course, we panic because the other Continental dude kept our other boarding passes and was leaving for a pee break. Air France wouldn’t call Continental so we quickly called customer service, where I got a mentally challenged agent, and we finally ended up with our confirmation, and got on the plane where the door practically hit us on the rear end. This nice gal traded Tyler seats so we even got to sit by each other. IT ALL WORKED OUT OKAY . . . except we figured out today that we’ve been calling the wrong number for the apartment to let her know we were delayed. She wasn’t thrilled with us, I don’t think, but it’s better than showing up Sunday at noon, which was our only other option. OH, the only kicker about getting on Air France was out bags weren’t going to have time to be switched, but supposedly they’ll get delivered tomorrow. I am kind of bummed since I wanted to go to church. Tyler and I have one outfit each, finally bought toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and deodorant, and we’ll just walk around France France without clean underpants. Keeping the fingers crossed and a little constant prayer that when our luggage arrives at 7:40am some nice French person will rush it right over to us.

Again, the apartment is darling. I can’t write too much longer, I am really tired as I didn’t sleep too much on the plane. It was hard to resist the all-you-can-watch movies or video games at your own seat. Yeah, Air France was pretty cushy, still crowded, but we were excited for the free headphones and night eye cover thingies . . . oh, and ear plugs, and good meals on board. We wandered around the neighborhood and found a market where we got the aforementioned toiletries and some groceries. I am not feeling so eat out as much as I am move in and hang out. We’ve talked about seeing the Eiffel Tower tonight, but I think I will be sleeping instead.

Our home away from home for the next ten days. Happy to be here!

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