Monday, July 16, 2007

Ohh La La

Eiffel Tower. As soon as we ate it started to rain, so once we made it back to take the elevator up, it was foggy and overcast, THUS the clouds. These are from Sunday (I think) last week. If you'll notice our clothes, it'll get confusing cuz different days we're in the same outfits. Someone creative could make a "Where's Waldo" type game to find subtle differences in our ensembles to determine which site we saw on which day.

Does anyone have any specific ideas about how we should go about asking/demanding for compensation from Air France. Daniel mentioned an article, any ideas where that came from. I am all about getting my ducks in a row and dropping a major letter to Air France. So far I have:

Dear Air France,


Thanks for not a lot,

the Barlows

Anyhow, enjoy your Mondays :)


chris jenkins said...

love the pic - i know you will be a montage sometime when you get home so that will be fun!

no ideas on what to say to Air France - beyond the fact that they suck - good luck!

Molly said...

Write a letter demanding payment/compensation. Explain the difficulties you had. I had to make a similar letter for my HOA when a water pipe broke and destroyed my kitchen...I was out of a kitchen for 2 months. You have to be stern and threaten legal action if nothing is done about it. :)

Stac said...

sorry about all the Air France drama. I feel your pain. When we came back from Europe, we flew on Air France and it was awful awful awful! I hope you are having a good time other than that! Miss you!!

The Fatman said...

First off make sure you have all receipts that you have from any expenses you occurred during time of the problem also be prepared to have everything you wish compensated for documented such as one night of the hotel stay because of the delay as well as the one night you stayed at the airport that you waited because of bad customer service. Make sure you document all of it including the fact that you had to wash close a few days and the time you spent in that delay. Make you sure you express that there should be a price tag put on the time and lack of sleep and other misfortunes that happen because of this experience. Last but certainly not least make sure that you express the complete distaste you have for the service you received and inform them that if they do not justly compensate you that you will go on a networking blitzkrieg and make sure your horrifying story of your vacation that was nearly ruined because of Air France to every person and News network and Oprah viewer that you can. (Also I would not worry about this until you get home now just have a good time with the rest of your Vaca) But make sure you are prepared to go toe to toe with this company)

To file a baggage claim:

* Please mail us a letter with a brief (I would not make this brief)explanation of your case, along with your ticket receipt and boarding pass to:
Air France Customer Relations
P.O. Box 459000
Sunrise, FL 33345-9000
* Make sure to include your bag tag receipts, Worldtracer file reference number, and a copy of your inventory form (if your claim involves missing luggage). If requesting reimbursement for specific expenses, please provide us with original, itemized receipts.
* You will receive a written response from a Customer Relations Representative within 4 weeks. (another excellent view of the customer service having to wait 4 weeks)

annilee said...

Yeah do what Daniel said!!! Hope all is well now! You are very much missed! Get home safe!