Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Some Many Posts, So Little Time

AAAGGGHHH! I am having a hard time getting caught up and sharing everything I want to share on my blog! I uploaded all these pictures from our trip, but the montage is going to have to wait. I want to talk all about the Harry Potter book, but I have to read it first (still waiting to get that done, but book club next week will put some extra pressure to get that done . . . and 1 Nephi, of course, the REAL page turner.) Tonight's scrapbook night was successful, and I want to post some of the pages I have scrapped for this calendar AND the darling invites to Leanne's baby shower, but that is not happening either. I feel like I am chasing my tail with chores and "to do's" but the list isn't getting short enough so I can BLOG! LIKE, right now I have to go pack, print a family newsletter for the reunion we're heading to tomorrow morning, and pick up my house.

Oh yeah! This morning when I got in my car I noticed my console was open and had been dug through, the sunglass holders were open, the tissue box was on the floor, and the ashtray was pulled open, so I asked my kids (all mad like), "Who was digging through the car?" Of course, "NOT ME!" was the culprit and I was all bugged, then, as I was putting the DVD cases back in the console it dawned on me that maybe someone had broken into my car last night. BUT, my change was all in there and my cell phone charger was still plugged in, the DVDs were all in their cases, so I figured maybe Tyler was looking for something this morning before work and didn't put anything away (even though I knew deep down that wasn't the case.) So, after Tyler called me back and confirmed that he hadn't been in my car, I figured the perpetrators were probably ripped not to get anything. WELL, tonight Tyler took the kids to the grocery store to get snacks for the trip tomorrow and when I got home from scrapbooking he asked if I had my CD case. AH, SNAP! Those stinkin' hooligans stole my super-stocked CD case full of musical treasures. And I am sure in the rush of the theft they didn't have time to peruse my selection of CDs because I can't imagine any kid (I gotta think it's some rooky kid lookin' for some kick) who would be looking through the case after he's run off, thinking, "SWEET! She's got Rent AND Fiddler on the Roof. No way! Annie AND Phantom AND Les Mis!? Oh, and look, here's the complete selection of Scripture Scouts, Mormon Tabernacle Choir Favorites, AND cheesy Young Woman CDs. Oh, I totally scored because in the back there are some sweet mix CDs (REALLY, bummed about those; Erin, I need more copies!), and country CDs." Here's a quick list of what I can remember was in there and thus STOLEN! But before, if you're wondering, I swear I locked my door when I got home last night, but maybe I didn't somehow. I can't figure how else the alarm didn't go off and there were no signs of forced entry.
Fiddler on the Roof
The Producers
Les Miserables (two CD set)
Phantom of the Opera
West Side Story
The Secret Garden
Sound of Music
Allison Kraus
Faith Hill
Scripture Scouts (BOM, Article of Faith, Old and New Testaments)
Best of EFY
Women at the Well
Sarah McLachlan (3 CDs)
Dixie Chicks (4 CDs)
Martina McBride
Rascal Flatts
Gwen Stefani
Mix CDs (2 rockin' CDs)
Mormon Tab Choir (2 CDs)
Young Women Theme CDs (3 of them)
Various Kid CDs (4, I think)

Now, I know, this list probably isn't everything, and some of you are thinking, "good riddance," but I am so bummed all over again just reviewing everything. And right before a road trip. Maybe tomorrow I can find where someone tossed them on the side of the road. Sigh, this is NOT what I wanted to blog about, but thar ya go.


Erin said...

Oh Snap! That really stinks! You never mentioned that little tidbit when I talked to you today! I'm happy for you, though, that you didn't have anything more in there that would be much more difficult to replace like your cell phone or wallet. I think I would be more freaked out, though, by the thought that someone broke into your car! That's scary.

Tyler said...

Must have been REAL bright!!! Might be a good idea to look through the case and see what you are stealing. Working with the class of individual that I am around on a daily basis, I do have to say there is quite a black market for show tunes with the type of people who would break into your car!!!!

My new way of getting around that (not that anybody is going to break into my new vehicle. That's a hint to check my blog) is put all of your music on to your computer. Then burn copies of all the CD's you want in your car. If someone steals them, who cares! You have the original at home, and a copy on your computer! Just a thought.....sorry about your loss.....I'll shake down some inmates Jack Bauer style this week and see if I can get any good intel about your missing valuables!!! I got your back!!!

chris jenkins said...

that sucks! that is one of the reason why i am starting to import all of my CDs into my Itunes - also because my kids have a habit of scratching CDs

they break in through the window of your gate - your car can be totally locked but if the window is not closed properly - they just lift it up and climb right into your vehicle and then unlock it from the inside to disable the alarm

i can hook you up with Phantom and some Sarah McLachlan and some Gwen and No Doubt - i have those in my Itunes library - i can burn you some CDs

anyway - have a good trip and travel safe!

annilee said...

That totally freakin sucks! Do you feel violated? I can't wait to talk to you about your trip. Let's get together soon! Have fun on another trip!

The Fatman said...

I hate that feeling when you feel Violated by people in your stuff!!

However I have to say that perhaps I would feel even more violated if I had those CD's to Begin with. I have a feeling that whoever stole those CDs will listen to them and then bring them back and apologize and offer to wash you car because of the music put them into a Emo state.

Ok I am just kidding really cause some of the music is pretty good and I am just trying to make some laughs out of a screwed up sitch!

Molly said...

I hate that! Someone broke into our Tahoe when we lived in Vegas and stole my CDs and about 8 dollars of quarters. The thing that really sucked about it was that the damage they cost to our car was over $500 while they got some great CD's that I'm sure they will never listen to!

Kourtney said...

That is so funny that they thought they scored on the CD's and ended up with stuff they probably have never heard of! Frankie had his truck broken into when we were first married and all they took (luckily) were the CD's. I guess it's a good thing they are stupid criminals and leave all the other valuables. That still sucks that you have to buy all new CD's.