Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy Camper

Apparantly I had 24 hours to post upon my arrival home regarding proper blog ettiquette. I have failed. I got home from girls' camp Saturday about 3:30 afternoon, but I couldn't hardly function until Sunday. Seriously, I just zombied. But, then, Sunday afternoon I had to take one for the team and nap with my kids. Yeah, I know, best mom ever! We went and visited Tyler's family and then when we got home, Tyler hopped on the computer and I hopped in bed. Good recovery weekend. I took Tyler's camera with me this week, but I still need to upload the software for that too, WHICH, brings me to the technology update that I am sure you're DYING for. I haven't done squat and the Cox guy said our phone/internet issues were a fluke. EVERY time someone calls and I answer the phone, I get kicked offline. EVERY time. Doesn't sound fluke-y to me. Anyway, I am looking at all the software on my computer I don't need and so, of course, I called Daniel to proposition him for his services. We have a date tonight so he can hook me up.

Camp was great. Really, it was. The pictures will be better so y'all can understand where I go, why I go, etc. The theme this year was "Hearts Knit Together" which, really, with a group of 170 12-18-year-old girls, it was a fabulous thing to focus on. The drama was minimal, the spirit strong, the activities well-organized, and I was able to get to know a lot more of the young women, etc. I learned more about charity and I really hope I am a better person for it. I wasn't hardly involved at all with the planning of camp this year, and my responsibilities consisted of the leader skit and listening to the girls pass off their spiritual challenge. The days went by quickly and I enjoyed every minute of it. MINUS the night (Monday) when I ended up with the flu bug my brother had the weekend before (yeah, Nate, I am blaming you for this one.) It was 18 hours of pure hell as I cleaned my basement regularly and OVER regularly. Pretty much until I got some Immodium I was useless on Tuesday, but after that I was better.

I have tons to do today and the next few days to get ready to leave again. I am worried about Brock as he has been really cling-y and whine-y. I am trying to not panic as my to-do list gets longer and longer. We'll see how much I get done today. Laundry, errands, etc. Oy! Hopefully I will be able to post something interesting and witty soon!

Finally, a shout out to three of my best girlfriends EVER who celebrated their birthdays last week while I was in the wilderness. Amber, Nancee, and Barb, you ladies Rock my world! Thanks for getting me through some of the most shaping times of my life . . . you helped me be who I am today (maybe that is scary and calls for an apology instead :() Love you all! I thought of you Friday and Saturday and wished I could give you a cake to celebrate your big days :)


chris jenkins said...

camp was great - wasn't it?

prayers that you get all your stuff done!

The Fatman said...

How did the skit go????