Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oh Blessed Day

A couple weeks ago Briggs was blessed. For ALL my favorite, non-Mormon readers, a blessing is when a baby is formally given a name and then the priesthood holder who's giving the blessing has a chance to invoke a blessing for the baby's future. It's very sweet and something I look forward to with each of my kids. Mostly because I love that it's a special moment between the kids and their dad. And, let's face it, it's a PRIME photo oportunity to color-coordinate our outfits for church!

Oh yeah Baby! Can you believe how good that all turned out?! Now I know that's not SUCH a big deal to some of you, but it's my thing. I noticed a few years ago that I was constantly looking for a theme in what all of us were wearing. And Sundays were THE worst (or best) opportunity to all look our best and to match. It started small with the girls wearing matching colors or outfits and then I'd pull something out of my closet that matched. Once the boys came along it was a matter of picking the right color shirt (no biggie, right?) But when I was packing for our last Disneyland trip and ended up telling Tyler what colors he should pack for the week, I knew it was an issue. And it's not just colors. If we're not matching color-wise I will notice little things like, "Oh good, we're all wearing jeans" or "Everyone has a collared shirt." I know. It's wierd. And in the big scheme of things it's not important, but I do it unconsciously now. UNLESS it's an "occasion" like Briggs' blessing. So, Caylee and I hit up Kohls for new dresses for the girls, grabbed a couple shirts for the boys, a tie for Tyler, and a shirt for me (WHICH, upon looking at the pictures I have determined was NOT a good buy since my ba-zoobs look even more jumanji in the "shimmery" material. But hey! It matched.)

The kids have all been so great with Briggs from day one. They're all very patient with the time it takes away from their attention and they've been very willing to help. The only problem we've found is they argue over who gets to hold him. (Caylee won on his blessing day.)

We've played the "who does Briggs look like?" game and I think he looks more like his dad at this point. Really, he still looks like a little old man, but he's getting smushier as he chubs out.

Here's shots of Briggs' with the other kids.

I really debated about who all to invite to Briggs' blessing. In the past we've let our extended family know and invited friends from out of town, etc. but this year I wasn't really feeling up to having SO many people. Afterward we were having everyone over for lunch and I didn't know how much I could handle with little kids, people, chaos, noise, etc. AND it was a good thing I was a little cautious because I was totally sick the day of Briggs' blessing. The night before I awoke a couple times feeling all sick to my stomach, but I thought it was nerves. Oh no, by the time I woke up on Sunday I totally puked! UGH. I couldn't believe it. And then I felt like I'd been hit by a mack truck so getting everyone to church on time was really hard. I guess it even made the bishop nervous that we didn't breeze in until five minutes before church started. By the time the lunch was over after church I had to go take a nap before everyone even left; you know I was tired if I missed out on conversation.

I do want to say (again) that I do love my family. All of them. In-laws, out-laws, etc. (Missed you Lane, Amy & co. and Uncle/Elder Mike!) Here's some action shots at lunch.

Right after church I took some pictures of Briggs on the baby afghan my mom made for Briggs. He's wearing a blessing suit that Grandma Dodie made for our boys. I had framed that sucker in a shadow box frame after we had Brevin and we got to pull it out for use one more time :) on Sunday morning. We'll do pictures of Briggs in it and then re-frame it for the last time (SERIOUS!)

Anyhow, it was a good day and I'm hoping I'll remember it in the years to come. I'm beginning to recognize how bad my memory is and how important it is to write this kind of stuff down. I want to share a little of my testimony that I bore on Sunday since I thought a lot about it the week before Briggs' blessing (well, actually, since Briggs' pregnancy.) I would consider myself a planner and when we found out we were expecting #5, I was not pleased at something I had not planned or expected. But I can bear testimony that He knows us better and what we can handle (or not handle.) I know that the sweet baby boy that was sent to our family is part of an incredible plan for me EVEN THOUGH I didn't plan on it. I shared that my mom had given me a card right when I found out I was pregnant and how much the words meant to me. I couldn't remember what it said exactly when I stood at the pulpit, but this is the actual quote: "Willing sacrifice of deeply held personal desires in favor of the will of God is very hard to do. And yet when you pray 'May thy will be done,' you are in the strongest position to receive the maximum help from your loving Father." - Elder Richard G. Scott. And I'll just say Amen and Amen.


Julie said...

what a beautiful family picture and blessing are always important. I think I have that same shirt too. Love the color.

Beth said...

I don't even remember giving you that card (that's how bad MY memory has gotten), but if it helped you, I'm glad I did. You are a great woman and you make me proud (in a totally righteous way, of course) to be your mom!

chris jenkins said...

love your matchiness - cute family photo - you really have the coordinating down - i should hire you as a consultant for my families i photograph!

cute pics of everyone and the little guy from the big day :)

and amen to unexpected blessings!

Nan said...

Your family is too beautiful:) You are an amazing mama!

Troy and Nancee said...

Great pictures. Glad the day turned out so well. What a lovely quote at the end. Something I need to remember.


I am getting like that too now with having to be all matchy matchy, but usually only when we get pictures taken. It gets harder as they grow up and get in to different sizes. I have to say that you made me tear up a bit to hear you describe your testimony about getting pregnant w/ #5, because I seriously felt the same way. That is an awesome quote!

Lindsay said...

I completely understand the coordinating outfits/matching colors thing! I do it all the time, sometimes unconsciously, like the all wearing jeans thing. The pictures turned out great, and I love the sweetness of baby blessings. And amen to unexpected blessings... who knows what we'd be doing if we weren't surprised with Cohen!

Erin said...

I'm glad the coordinating doesn't stress you out as much as it does me. I always seem to pick the most difficult color to work around. And I liked your shirt too--if you decide your bazoobs are too big for it I'll take it off your know I've got the opposite problem going on over here.

Jenn S. said...

Jackpot! That picture is darling and so perfect, and you *know* how much I love the coordinated, but not too matchy-matchy look.

And hello boobies! Woo hoo! You know how jealous I am right? There needs to be some sort of donation program for those of us who could use an extra cup size (or three). It just isn't fair, right Erin? ;)


Hooray for a blessed baby!

nicole said...

Hi Sarah! No problem...I'd be happy to add you! Glad you found us. I was actually a freshman at DT at the same time. But I didn't know Barrett (maybe it was better that way? :O) ) I was (and still am) kind of a social nerd. Most people got bad grades their freshman year because they were having so much fun. Let's just say I got pretty good grades that year.

You have a lovely family. Seeing newborns is always dangerous and my little guy's only six months!

And Barrett asked....who sent you our way?

Joy said...

LOVE the photo - love the DARLING kids (you DO make beautiful children), and I really enjoyed your testimony, too. Thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

Dear Sister Barlow,

Oh my!! What a beautiful family you have! I'm Elder Pyle's mother, and I want you to know how grateful I am to you and others like you, that are willing to look out after the missionaries, one being my son. It may seem a long way off to you, but someday, it will be your son, and because of your kindness to our sons, someone will be looking after your them too. Please keep in touch! I'm enjoying your blog very much!

Susan Pyle

P.S. Please tell Elder Pyle thank you very much for the birthday card. Tess thought for sure it was for her!

chanel said...

"since my ba-zoobs look even more jumanji in the "shimmery" material"

YOU ARE MY HERO. Seriously you make me laugh like no one else.
LOVED the pictures and your testimony!