Thursday, June 5, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance?!

I know I'm quite behind in my blogging, or my, share the cute things my kids did blogs, anyhow. There were a couple weeks in May that were pretty much a wash for me as far as even remembering they existed. Thankfully there are photos to document that yes, they did happen, and yes, we even participated in life those weeks. We had dance recitals that week, so I thought I'd share some photos that Mindie and Chris took for me. Why wouldn't I take the pics? Uh that would be because I left the battery for my camera on the charger. It doesn't get much better than Chris' mad photo skills, though, AND she had good seats, which means she was able to actually capture some good photos without random peoples' heads in the picture, too. Thanks for savin' my bacon friend!

So, picture #1 is of my girls that I took with Mindie's camera. You can't really tell how COOL Kenzie's hair was on night #1, but it was really pretty cool if I say so myself. It's always a ba-dillion degrees at their recitals since it's at the outdoor pavilion, so I try to put the girls' hair up in some sort of a do. But after 6 years with Mackenzie I'm lookin for new ways to make it look cool. Anyway, I might be biased, but I thought this was a great photo of my beauties.
Picture #2 is of Mackenzie and Sydney. They are such the bestest friends and I am so grateful they have each other. I watch Kenz interact with others sometimes and honestly think, "Reign it in a bit, girl!" but Sydney is a good compliment for Mackenzie's overbearing-ness as she is patient and kind. They love having dance class together as they know they'll see each other once a week, at least. And driving them in carpool is always entertaining to listen to them giggle and chat and discuss the serious and silly things of their life.
Picture #3 is the family affair photo. This year all four Barlow granddaughters took from Miss Lori and next year we'll have even one more with Caitlyn participating. I must brag a bit that our girls know their stuff and put on a good show. It was fun to have so much family support, too, on the night that all the girls danced. (Lizzie, Kenzie, Caylee, and Courtnie.) OH, and Caylee's denim skirt was NOT her costume, but the drama around her costume could be a long post that's summed up by us paying $30 for a costume and then having to play swap-the-costume parts for pictures and the recital and not even ending up with a costume for the dress up bin. Blah on that whole issue.
And the rest of the pictures are the ones Chris took of the girls. Kenzie was ca-racking me up with her show-stopping smile, er, pucker. Yeah, she's got some serious performance pout action going on. And Caylee kept asking if we were going to get her flowers for when she was done, but we told her it depending on how well she danced (including the smiling for the audience), so she was all grins.
Anyway, the shows (Yeah, that would be two nights of 30+ dances each night) were a success and it does my heart proud to see my girls, too, were born to dance!
PS. Note the title of this post is a complete tribute to my FAVE summer show. Thank you Fox television for providing me something to love each summer.

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Beth said...

OK, the date on this post lies! I KNOW it wasn't posted earlier tonight, when I looked.

Beth said...

But, way CUTE pics of the girls. Thanks so much Chris!

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Babs said...

So cute! I love your girls. And I agree they too were born with the performance gene...not to mention brilliant smiles. :-)

By the way, I love how you tile the do you do it?

MollyE said...

First of all, I wait all year for So you think you can dance. Love it!! Also, your girls look sooo cute. It makes me sad to think I probably will never have a girl in dance, but it is fun to see yours!!