Saturday, June 21, 2008

Snatches of the week

I just downloaded some pictures from the past couple weeks, and thought I'd share a few.
How do you know you're getting closer to potty training your 2 year old?

When he is getting confused about where to put his wet diaper. He knows the pee goes into the toilet somehow. *Side note* I don't know if you can click on the picture or zoom it to be bigger, but you can see how "BRIGGS" is printed on all our toilets, center and square.

These next pictures are some of my faves because you can see Briggs' favorite thing to do with Tyler. He loves to look around and Dad is just the right height to lean on, and still look around. He's getting a lot more neck strength and will hang out like this for a while.

I'm totally grateful for Tyler being home. That seems like such an understatement, but it's the simple truth. I spent my morning at the DMV today trying to get my new driver's license. Nice how I waited in the 25 minute line to get my number only to be told the computer/camera was down and I'd have to come back. Gotta LOVE the DMV. Has anyone been interested in the people who work there. I think they all look alike, somehow. Not, like, related, but similar in their, "You could be on fire and I would not react with more than a blink" demeanor. It's probably a defense mechanism to protect them from the rude people they probably deal with, so they probably include some sort of a question on the job application. AND I think they are twisted enough to enjoy bringing people bad news. The lady practically danced a jig when I told her I was there to get a license. But, I foiled her plan when I told her I also needed to transfer a title to my brother, so she would have to provide a service after all. Oh well. It's more interesting than anything. And, OH, the people watching! If I weren't trying to finish my book, I would have been in crazy heaven. Which, by the way, I highly recommend The Book Thief.
This afternoon Tyler took the four bigger kids to hit golf balls and then they did some shopping for my birthday tomorrow. I'm feeling kinda blah about the whole birthday thing as my real birthday list includes things such as a boob job, a letter from my brother on his mission, and/or my father-in-law to get a job. Neither of which are happening any time soon. Oh well. Tonight we have a hot date night (with the Stewarts) to go see Tim McGraw (*THANKS, Derrick!*), which will be way fun. {Thanks} to Erin and Angela who are tag-team babysitting Briggs and my mom who got stuck with the other crazies. We'll have a nice date sans children which seems like another unattainable birthday gift, but it really is going to happen. Nice.
Next time I write I'll be an old woman of 31. Woo hoo! Have a great weekend!


Beth said...

I think Briggs is ALL Tyler. I sure don't see any of you in him. Unless he gets the green eyed thing. Good thing Brock didn't flush the toilet! And, Happy Birthday, Sarah James.


I love the diaper in the funny! My kids, well...they just climbed right in the toilet!!! Ewww!

Briggs is adorable. He is getting so big already.

Have a great Bday!!

The Carino's said...

Happy Birthday!

Jerolyn said...

Happy Birfday Janer!~

The Muehlendorfs said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! Hope you enjoy your day!

Stac said...

mom, did you write Sarah James on purpose??? Or did you put David's middle name in there on accident???

chicajill said...

Totally tried to call you on your big were sleeping! I left a message on your cell phone. I hope you had a fantastic day. You are such a wonderful friend. I'm one lucky girl!

Love you lots,

Kathy said...

From one "James" to another. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I hung around in Burley a few extra days in June '77 to wait for you to be born. totally worth the wait!! Oh, and Briggs is adorable.

MollyE said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! I hope you had a great day. Briggs is so cute!