Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'd like to bear my testimony . . .

This afternoon as we were driving to church WAY late (like, record-breaking late, even for me . . . 1:40pm for a 1:00pm church service), I told the kids, "We should just have our own little fast and testimony meeting right here in the car. It's such a beautiful day and we've already missed half of sacrament meeting, so maybe you guys could just share your testimonies with me."

Brevin said, "I don't even know what a testimony is."

So I said, "Sure you do, Brev. A testimony is when you share what you believe; something you know to be true. Usually, at church we share what we believe that we've learned about or from Heavenly Father and Jesus."

"Oh," he said, "then I believe we should not hit or punch or pinch."

"That's right because how does that make other people feel when we hit or punch or pinch?" I asked (going for high level thinking here with my 5 year old.)

"That's bad and it makes people sad and hurt."

"Yup, so since Heavenly Father and Jesus teach us that we should be kind to everyone, your testimony is that you believe we should not hit and punch and pinch because we should be nice like Heavenly Father and Jesus want us to," I reiterate.

Brevin had pretty much tuned out by this point even though I thought we were having a good little chit chat when Caylee said, "I know what I would have a testimony of."

"Oh good, what would you share?" I asked thinking this was a genuinely special moment with my kids. I really was making the best of this motherhood thing.

"I have a testimony of that we should be on time."

(Phhhisssssshhhh . . . that would be the wind out of my sails.)

Amen, Caylee. Amen.


Donna said...

If you were late, we shouldn't have even bothered going to church today! We didn't have a testimony meeting in the car either. Sheesh!

sherry said...

Too funny Sarah! Caylee and her comments are always keeping me laughing.

sherry said...

Too funny Sarah! Caylee and her comments are always keeping me laughing.

Jamie G. said...

That is so funny. What a witty comment from Caylee. She must get it from you a little bit, right?? LOL At least you tried to have some kind of spiritual moment in the car on the way there...I'm usually just trying not to get upset that everyone took so long!!

Jessi McCall said...

That's so funny!! I guess she told you!?

Leslie S. said...

Nice, from the mouths of babes...

chanel said...

you are such a great mom! look at you
A) still go to church when you're that late.
B) think to have a fam testimony meeting in the car
C) turn brev's testimony into a spiritual testimony!
D) not kill caylee