Friday, March 20, 2009

In case you wondered . . .

A couple of weeks ago I made a status update on facebook one Sunday morning about how despite it being HOURS before church started I could pretty much guarantee we'd be late to church. The status update was around 10am . . . church for us is at 1pm. How'd I know we'd be late? Well . . . lateness is a bit of a pattern of mine and now that Tyler's serving as the YM President in our ward he has meetings before church; meaning my "on-time conscience" is no longer existent on Sunday mornings. I have tried giving ourselves a "target time" (a target time is considerably earlier than the time an event starts, which allows for us to still be running a bit behind, but that would guarantee us being on time.)
I've said many times that it's not like we're sitting around on Sunday mornings wasting time, so last Sunday I captured some proof of the important things that put us behind on our schedule.
Evidence A) Brock and Caylee and Brevin HAVE to play outside. I mean if they didn't take full advantage of the sun literally SHINING down into our backyard it would be a travesty.

Evidence B) I HAVE to catch up on old issues of scrapbooking magazines. I mean some of those have been sitting around for years and we NO LONGER need the clutter. Plus, what better day than Sunday to get some extra inspiration?

Evidence C) We MUST take Sunday mornings to indulge in bubble baths where we catch up on our week with our siblings. I mean, especially when you're 9. Cuz when else are you going to fit into your schedule?

I'm just sayin'. We obviously do the bare minimum (no pun intended based on the bath picture above) before buckling down to feed, color-coordinate, iron, dress, primp, doll up, and pack up the 5 munchkins. So once you add in all that stuff can you really be shocked that sometimes I make it to church 30 minutes past 1:00pm??? (And actually the week we took these pictures we made it for the announcements and opening song. Yesssss! I guess it can be done.)

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chris jenkins said...

you're not the only one - and my kids are like way older and i only have 4 - i'm the one who is usually at fault because after getting everyone else looking good - i fail to leave enough time for myself and thus the lateness - plus i have this fit of i have absolutely nothing to wear - my girls do too. tis' lovely. i think i did better when we were at 9am.