Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So, to keep track of our super duper family vacation, I’m going to try and blog as much as possible so ONE day I will print it all out and we’ll have a record of all the screaming and fighting and whining . . . er, I mean a record of all the wonderful memories we had on this family va-cay.

Tyler worked a full day on Thursday and my goal was to get out the door by 5:15pm that night to drive up to Pleasant Grove. A mere three hours past my target time we were finally rolling down I-15. Of all the things I DID get done on Thursday before we left (family pictures and a doctor’s visit) I DID also manage to clear all the old Oprah’s off my DVR and I forgot to print off Tyler’s confirmation for his flight home. I know, I know despite the DVR travesty we were able to travel pretty well through the night. Tyler was an excellent driver and as much as I insisted I didn’t really sleep on the car ride, somehow I’d dose off at 10:15pm and the next time I’d look at the clock it’d be 11:23pm. As far as trips go, I thought it went pretty quickly and by 3:29am (MST) we were all bedded and sleeping at Tyler’s fabulous Aunt Karen’s house.

LUCKY for us our kids were such great sleepers in the car on the way up that they were great early-risers (well, considering our mid-middle-o-the-night bedtime). Once Aunt Karen was done teaching yoga we had a yummy breakfast with her and her kids and we all visited for a bit. Of course, Caylee made a friend at Aunt Karen’s house and was ready to stay for the two weeks to play with her and all my other kids ran after the poor cats in the neighborhood until we left around 11am. We drove on up north until North Ogden when we called, totally spur of the moment, and bamboozled Tyler’s Aunt and Uncle Dunkley to join us for lunch. Since Tyler has a “no restaurant chain” policy on our road trips we ate at Maddox in Williard, UT and then pushed on to Idaho. {Thanks again for lunch Ralph and Diana! It was fun to see you.}

And gosh, ID is gorgeous. I was driving looking at the mountains and hills and GREEN and wondered why don’t I live in such a pretty place? Then I imagined what it all looked like cold and frozen and snowy . . . probably not so cute. BUT, I really enjoyed myself on the drive. I even snapped some pictures (at which point I got a lecture from Caylee on safe driving) until we stopped in Blackfoot, ID to join up with my sister and her family at the Idaho Potato Museum. Ahhh, yeah, ma people, you’ll want to put it on your itinerary . . . only if it’s “free day,” which it was (I know, how lucky are we?) Uncle Kevin explained to all of us that spontaneous stops are what family vacations are all about. And now we know all about mashers, what makes a perfect potato, and have seen a dress made from burlap for a rodeo queen. Nice!

This is so you can tell how excited Tyler is about the museum!

We drove on to Rexburg and it was a treat as we stopped to eat dinner and let the kids run off some of their pent-up car-ness. Erin had made these super cool Bingo games for the ride up and all I listened to from Idaho Falls to Rexburg was Brock whining that he just wanted a treat without a Bingo, so, in all truthfulness, maybe I was the one that needed some fresh air and space. We enjoyed the park and dinner before stocking up for the weekend with groceries and goodies.

Then it was off to Island Park. There’s not many more beautiful drives I’ve taken than this drive, especially since this year we made it right at sunset. And Marsha’s cabin is spectacular. We truly invaded her and she’s shown us nothing but the best hospitality. Oh, and patience. When, for the umpteenth time this morning Caylee whined that she was bored, it was Marsha that busted out bubble wands . . . then toys . . . then an art set to appease her. We all sat around and visited all afternoon about nothing while the kids played outside and then watched movies. Tyler, of course, spent the day on the river LOVING the fly-fishing and then picked up the little boys to take them fishing for a bit. We had a yummy pizza dinner and then took the kids on a walk where Brock held his first earthworm and antagonized the girls with it. Oh, and he pee’ed on the side of the road while the mosquitoes feasted on his hind-end. And tonight we are finishing up with a good late-night chat.

(in the attic hideout where the girls slept)
(how cute is Marsha? This was our welcome sign!)
(on my afternoon walk in the rain)
(family walk. The girls freaked out over all the mosquitos and Tyler's head got eaten up since he refused the bug spray.)
(Can you tell Tyler and I are impressed with Brock's stream?)
I cannot say enough about Marsha's hospitality and goodness this weekend. It has reminded me a lot of the hours and hours Erin and I would spend at her house when we were little playing with Megan. I so wish Marsha's kids and hubby could have come this weekend, although I totally understand we're not the biggest draw (too many screamin' kids!) I just really appreciate all Marsha's love and support for me (and our family) for as long as I've known her. We're just lucky to know her.


Troy and Nancee said...

Looks like a fun trip. Wish we could have coordinated our Idaho trips and seen you guys. I will be in Vegas in September. We will have to hang out. By the way, you are looking SKIN-NY!!

The Hulls said...

Soooo fun! I love Island park. Good memories!

Us said...

Maddox? I grew up at that place! Oh how I miss the turkey steaks! Looks like you guys are having fun.

chanel said...

holy cow you are funny!!! annnnd GORGEOUS! Hello! that pic of you on your walk- SMOKIN!

I hope my neck of the woods is as entertaining for erin, im nervous!

and the pee shot is now the best ever!

Beth said...

OK, Brock is a champ!!! Idaho in the summer is beautiful. The redeeming factor, if you ask me. Well, the potatoes are pretty good, too. And, the people are nice. I just don't like the snow and cold.

Kathy said...

Great pictures. All the rain we've had has kept everything so pretty and green. Maddox is Mike's favorite place to eat. We go there every year for our anniversary (and anytime in between that we can get up there).

ElRae said...

Oh, I love Maddox! We always stop there on our drive through "fruit way". Did you pick up cherries for the drive north? I am really missing all the green up there. Oh, and Mama Inez is the best mexican restraunt there is. I hope it is not one that was closed. : )

Angela said...

Thanks for the update. That is one impressive stream that Brock has goin on there. :) Keep those updates comin!!

Erin said...

I think Brock was trying to peel the bark off those trees with that stream. I do not envy the poor soul with toilet scrubbing duty at your house.