Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not so Well Check

I thought I'd chronicle my most recent shining moment of motherhood. As a parent of five small ones our "well-checks" are part of our routine and if I'm lucky I can schedule several checks at once. On Briggs official first birthday, at the end of April, I took him to see our favorite pediatrician for his once over and some shots. Briggs had been fussy and onry for a couple days before his check-up, but once we got there he was all smiles and roses.

We got all his weights and measures (average for his length, below average for weight, and big head) and his anxiety immediately increased once he knew I was going to be letting other people get close to him. He's in that strangers-freak-me-out-I-only-want-my-mom-stage.

Well, long story short, Briggs was not-s0-well at year 1. In fact he had an ear infection and a nasty upper respiratory. And that called for no shots, an antibiotic, a breathing treatment, and a FABULOUS breathing machine for the Barlow household.

That's right, after a decade of kids we're the proud owners of a nebulizer. Sweet. Briggs was pretty thrilled, too. Can't you tell.

Here's Briggs being scarred in the name of the scrapbook.

And since I am sure y'all want the update, THAT ear infection cleared and he's had two more since. That's right. The past 5 weeks he's had 3 infections. We'll be going to see an ENT for tubes when we get back fro va-cay in a couple weeks.
*But really! How cute is he in all these bawling pics?!*


Lindsay said...

We love Dr. Jim! And why can't things be simple all the time?

Kyle and Shallan said...

Hey Sister Barlow, it's Shallan! Your blog is so cute. I can't believe how old your kids are getting! I love those pictures of Brigg with the nebulizer. haha!

Donna said...

Poor Briggs! We got our nebulizer shortly after Ethan was born. Be proud you made it two kids later than we did. He'll get used to the nebulizer. Ethan will fall asleep with it sometimes. Good luck with the tubes. That's one we haven't done and hope never to need. We are Dr. Carrie's patients, but we just saw Dr. Jim a few weeks ago for Kelsie. Great doctor.

Have a great time on your vacation! You are one brave mama to do all that traveling.

chanel said...

how you get these awesome picts i'll never know, but he is pretty dang cute even crying. great documentation! crazy how it hit all at once.

Beth said...

Yep, pretty dang cute, sinced you asked. He's got the Brevin eyebrows when he's concerned.

sherry said...

The nebulizer looks all too familiar! We had some fun with that when Renn was little too. Hopefully Briggs will outgrow the whole wheezing, coughing, and asthma thing like Renn did!

Tricia said...

Poor baby! I have a scrapbook page you can scraplift for that dumb machine! Good luck and I hope he gets use to "Mr. Neb's kisses" because my poor Shane never did!

Jane said...

Poor baby! I hate it when babies aren't feeling well. The closest I ever came to your situation was when Mike was about Briggs' age and came down with the croup. That's scary!

Will you e-mail so I can send you some pictures? My address is:
Love you!