Saturday, June 20, 2009

We're all in this together

We are still surviving. I couldn't blog yesterday, which would have been ideal since we pretty much sat around all day, because I needed to purchase an external hard drive to clear off some memory. That's right, I have completely filled up my laptop's memory. Could be because some months, like this one, I have more than 430 pictures in my files.
Back to the recap. On Thursday, we rousted ourselves to make it to the Oquirrh Mt. temple open house. It probable would have been more exciting had Erin and I made it to bed before 4am, but we didn't, so our 10:30am appointment seemed REALLY early. On our way (hurrying, of course) to the freeway Erin totally got pulled over for speeding (we're not showing a good record at this point!) Call it what you want, but the cop let her go with only a warning and we were on our way. Now, for my non-LDS friends, a temple open house was a unique experience because normally only recommend-holding members attend the templ whereas a temple open house, is, well, totally open. That meant we got to take our kids and let them see the beautiful workmanship and have a better understanding of what we do when we "go to the temple." I was a bit surprised at the number of people who were there at 10:30am on a Thursday. AND, it is quite the production. I was incredibly impressed with the beauty of the temple and the detailed designs within. And the kids all really loved the "reception tent" that served water and cookies.

After the temple tour, we had a quick lunch at Carl's Junior (which is a total lie, because feeding all of us is a pretty good production). Then we went to the Gateway Discovery Children's Museum in downtown SLC. K. Totally cool. The kids were completely busy for 3.5 hours. Mostly because I refused to leave until closing because it cost me an arm and a leg to get my kids in (they charged for Briggs, even. And yes, without an arm and a leg it was a little tricky playing with all the stuff. I did manage, though. Thanks for the concern.) On our way back into Provo we stopped by Wal-Mart to stock up again on foodstuffs and supplies and by Taco Bell for dinner and then I "put" the kids to sleep by falling asleep with them. When I woke at midnight, Erin was up blogging, but I just went back to sleep. I figured I needed the energy for Friday's activities.

And it was a good thing I did sleep a full night because all the sitting around the townhouse on Friday took a lot out of me :) Unfortunately we found a little water damage from a leaking condensation tube from the air conditioning, so yesterday we waited for the handyman to come pull the carpet back, rip out the pad, and loan us a lovely commercial floor fan to dry it all out. Truth be told, it was good for the kids to lounge in their jammies for the day and then we packed a dinner picnic to head up the canyon for dinner. And then Erin's car wouldn't start. And that was bad because my big rig couldn't squeeze next to her to jump her dead battery. But then it did start and she headed to Wal-Mart (again, I swear we'd be in bad shape without Wal-Mart.) While she was getting a new battery I picked up an external hard drive and we wound up just inside Provo Canyon for a good dinner of sandwiches, chips, grapes, and cookies. The kids ran around and by dusk I tried to get a couple games of Simon Says and Red Light/Green Light. It was a good thought, but MY kids, apparantly are really poor losers and so we gave up, packed up, and headed home. We ice creamed the kiddos and then bathed and bedded them and I was able to clean off my computer.

Man, I just realized how many boring details I just shared. Sorry. Unless you feel like you are now on vacation with us. And in that case, welcome. (BTW, we had cookies and cream ice cream last night. It was good.) So let's get to the pictures; they may keep your interest over my long-winded praddle.

Here's Mackenzie. She's been a HUGE help on this trip. She cracked me up at the museum since she totally spent a lot of time, when she was playing in the store, organizing and straightening the shelves. She did make me a bit proud in her efforts. She and Sydney have had a good time together . . . most of the times.

And what can I say about Caylee other than she has either "really LOVED this trip" or been sure it's "the WORST trip EVER!" That's my girl. Hot AND cold. I'm realizing she does much better when she's fully rested; I mean WAY less breakdowns. She's still snarky and ripped off that there's no girl cousin her age on this trip (painful when we've told the kids to pair off . . . she has to be my partner, poor girl.)
Oh, and Brevin has been pretty good times. Unless he has to wait for anything. I totally can see where his impatience comes from because I lose it on him when he starts to whine and flail about if he doesn't get what he asks for RIGHT that minute. He's been off the Nintendo DS for a few days and has miraculously survived.
Brock has seemed more clingy to me this trip, but has also really clicked with Brooklyn and they play as much as they can . . . when they're not teasing each other. He's suffered from being one of the littler ones when he so badly wants to be able to do what the other, older kids can do. Each night that we've been here he asks me to sing to him and scratch his back. But then he tells me exactly what to sing and where to scratch which defeats the purpose of having that put him to sleep.
And poor Briggs has been run ragged. He hasn't gotten nearly the sleep he gets at home and since he's being pulled out of his carseat every five minutes, his catnapping skills are getting stronger by the day. I thought he'd be walking a little bit more, but he's in that "crawling is way faster phase." We've had to be speedy fast to keep him off the stairs.
And, yes, I'm hanging in there, too. I love spending time with my sister. She's been so patient with all of us and I'm trying not to be the naggy aunt who keeps after the kids for rough-housing and teasing and general kid shenanigans. But when I am compared to her, it's a losing game for me. It's a fun little tradition that we've started and several times we've talked about things we'll do "in a few years when the kids are older." And even then I fully expect that, for part of the trip, you'll find us like this.
Pease and love YO! From Utah.


Beth said...

Who took the last picture, the one of you and Erin in laptop heaven? That's kind of funny.

Marsha said...

Did you guys hear about lightening hitting the Oquirrh Mountain Temple? The news reported that it didn't do any damage to the building but did blacken Moroni a bit! Hope the rest of your trip is lots of fun and safe.

chanel said...

so fun.
that last picture is classic. i am really impressed too, when I have my picture taken and im in computer mode my mouth is usually gaping open, you guys looks so serious and concentrative.

Doty6strong said...

Man. I really need a sister. You and Erin have so much fun (or so it seems in the midst of tackling and controlling all those kids on back to back vacations). Maya is totally gonna be a Caylee Barlow Diva. Wait I said gonna be....she already is. They are exactly alike....scary!