Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ah, the joy of vacation

You know how when you leave on a vacation, especially a particularly longer vacation than normal, you think, "Man! Seven days is gonna be forever!" Then you leave, and the next think you know you're thinking, "I can't believe I am going home in two days!" Mackenzie said this morning, "I'm gonna stay in bed for a bit and think about how nice it will be to be at home again." While I am really enjoying Mexico, I am anxious to see my kiddos and Tyler. I know the next couple days will fly by, so, I am enjoying all of it as much as I can.

Already this morning I have slept in til 9 (my preferred waking hour, I've decided, for all situations - which is hard when I'm at home and the kids need to be at school by 9am), read my book (today it's been about Katherine of Aragon, but I've also been reading "Seven Ages of Paris"), and took a walk on the beach with my dad. It's about thirty minutes round trip to walk the coast of the cove and I love all the happy Mexican families who have been here this weekend. When we walk down about half way there's the fish market where all the fisherman are cutting up the fish and selling it to the tourists. They just fling the guts and heads back onto the beach, so today we had to be careful not to get in the way of flying bloody fish ick. The birds, of course, are all over, and pelicans, and Dad and I watched these birds fighting mid-air over this chunk of fish. Very "Finding Nemo" and the seagulls. I did have a drunk Mexican guy tell me I looked Mexican, but I think that was more about him being hammered by 9am and my embroidered Mexican dress I bought at the market the other day that I was wearing. Once we got back to the house, I finished off my pineapple from yesterday's "Fruity Drinks" and that has been the extent of my Sunday. I did wonder if Tyler had gotten the kids up and ready for church and on time (he always does, but the real question is whether or not Caylee's hair was done?). We have church here tonight at 6pm. I think it's just sacrament. They switched it just barely since so many of the members have to work on Sunday. Morris and Elaine hosted a family home evening over here Thursday night. There were about thirty people who came. Mackenzie really clicked (well, clicked as much as you can when you don't speak the same language) with this girl Sauci and I look forward to seeing her again tonight. Mackenzie taught her how to play Uno (which, apparently the Mexicans don't play down here . . . maybe they play "One," but not Uno) and I think Sauci would very much like to keep the Uno cards. Unfortunately Mackenzie has been quite attached to her card games this trick and I don't think she can bear to leave her cards behind. (She did confess that she liked this set because all the Draw 4s are marked and she knows who's got what by how the cards are bent. She's my gamer. We have to put a limit on to how many hands we play each day.

Yesterday my mom took Mackenzie to the beach and boogie boarded with her. Total credit to my mom for being better at it than I am. They had a good time until Mom and Kenz got tossed from their boards. I have tried to be careful about how much sun I sit in because I have this horrible skin rash. I first broke out with this allergic reaction when I went to Hawaii 13 years ago or so and every time I am in the sun too much I break out again. So, I enjoy laying out and stuff and then I want to scratch my feet off my legs. We went to a couple of neighboring towns yesterday and went to a farmacia and the lady gave me some gel to help with the itching. I have now idea what it is, but it seems to help. Dad and I went across the street to Elaine's new compound/house that she just bought and gave her our decorating ideas. We were both saying how fabulous it would be to be able to come back for a few weeks and put everything together with someone else's money. Somebody should tell Tyler I want another trip in the fall to come back here :).

We are planning to head to Puerto Vallarta on Monday and do the touristy thing. That's good since all I've bought to take home to Tyler is a back of tortilla chips I think he'd like. Doesn't a bag of chips say, "You're the best husband ever who would take care of everything while I played on the beach for a week?!"

I think we're having breakfast shortly, so I am going to check in with my peeps on their blogs, etc. Later -

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