Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I [HEART] Harry Potter!

For Christmas I gave Caylee the first four DVDs of Harry Potter and they have since become some of her favorite movies. I have long enjoyed the books, and keep trying to get Kenzie (the only other person who enjoys reading) to become converted to them, but she insists they aren't her style. I don't really get how you can't get into the whole good v. evil, friendship, family love, and freakin' awesome school thing. BUT, there's hope that Caylee will be willing to give the books a go in a few years. Since we've been watching the movies lately, I decided to search last night for the next movie preview since #5's movie hits theaters this summer. It looks so stinkin' cool. They had a surprise viewing (how nice would that be?) for some random people in a theater and their reviews were positive. I don't know if this gives me nerd status, but I just think the characters in the stories are darling. Not only do I think Harry's a cutie, but I also think Ron's funny, and Hermione ROCKS. Don't get me started on the teachers, You-Know-Who, Dumbledore's army, etc. I do, however, devour the books when they're first released, so I started reviewing #5 last night in anticipation of the movie, since I can't remember what happens in The Order of the Phoenix vs. The Half-Blood Prince. Then, I'll re-read #6 before #7 hits the stands. And, Oh yeah, my mom totally preordered me a copy, so I'll be contributing to the billions of dollars that fill JK Rowling's Gringot account. IF, you're a Harry Potter fan, like me, and want to check out the preview for this summer's movie, click here: http://harrypotter.warnerbros.com/ (Leanne, you'll love it if you haven't seen it already.) Tyler, who doesn't necessarily share my passion for . . . well, a lot of things, especially books and movie-going, wasn't as bummed as I was to realize we'll be in France when the movie opens July 13th. So, I am commanding that nobody takes Caylee while I'm gone. It's a date for her and me since nobody else at the Barlow house wants to see it. We'll be in the cool theater come July 24th for a good two and a half hours. From what I hear, you may want to see the show again, so you're welcome to come the 24th. Pencil it in, really, on the 13th if you're a real, true nerd.

And, to add to the post the other night about the Saturday Night Dance. Yeah, there were ICE BOMBS after I left. Can you believe it? Seriously, it's a church dance! Whatever. I am going to pack a spray bottle . . . good idea, Daniel!


Chris said...

love harry potter although, i had issues with book 6 being so dang long - you could seriously take out the middle and not miss much

want a good review of what went on -


go to this site. in the left column, click on chapters and you get a synopsis of the facts and the goings on.

off to check out the trailer.

Nan said...

As far as I'm concerned, the Harry Potter books can't be long enough! I already have a copy of # 7 pre-ordered and I can't wait for #5 to come out in the theaters!! I'll be there with bells on, on opening night!! I still can't seem to accept that Dumbledore is dead...I hope some miracle happens or that it was all just a hoax;) I can't believe that this is the last book. I already go through withdrawl as it is...what will I do when there are no more to wait for?! I'll go check out the preview right now!!

Nan said...

Freakin' AWESOME. I can't wait:)

Daniel said...

Nan I got your back he is not dead,
He can not be.... And for the record I would totally go see it with you again Sarah cause really can there be a cooler Month this Summer I do not think so..

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