Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Natural Born . . . Actress

Tonight Mackenzie and I were part of the RS birthday party program, which proved to be a moment of glory for Mackenzie. We had a script (excellent, by the way, thanks to Kristie) and played a mom and daughter having a bedtime conversation WHICH so happens any time Kenz can finagle an extra minute of awake time. So, I don't know how convincing we were, but Mackenzie is a natural actress. She liked being in front of everyone and was anxious for the whole thing to start. I always liked performing (in dance recitals, etc.) but would have been totally nervous to have such a focus solo role at age 7 in front of about 50 women. I was very proud of her and it was all on her. Really, any time I tried directing her or giving her tips she would remind me I wasn't in charge or suggest that maybe I practice my part so I wouldn't mess up. She's funny. I am really looking forward to out trip together next week. My guess is that she's pretty sick of me by the time we get back, but I am looking forward not to have much to scold her about. Usually she gets busted for her interactions with her lovely siblings. I hope she's not bored stiff, but she loves the sun and we'll be soaking in the rays on the beach as much as we can.

On another note. I had "Lovary" ultrasounded yesterday (thanks to Erin for keeping Brock and to those who offered after my last post.) Of course, the ultrasound tech doesn't tell you much, if anything, during the scan, but she DID tell me to follow up with my Dr. SO, I don't know if that means, you are a real mess and need to talk to your Dr. OR if that's just standard procedure. I figured I'd be on the ball and call my OB/GYN's office to see if I'd be better of scheduling an appointment before my results so if I needed an office visit I wouldn't be another three weeks to get an appointment. So, of course, I get the busy office staff, and (after sitting on hold for a bit) I explain that I am unsure of the procedure to follow up on my ultrasound which I just had done that morning. She tells me, "Well, honey, you're going to have to give us a few days to get the results before you call us." Honey? Was that a dumb enough question to justify a condescending term of endearment? I quickly REITTERATED the question as to whether or not I need to set up a personal office visit or if it was done over the phone in a very saucy tone that she actually listened to my question. I could see if I were a regular nuissance that really did ask stupid questions, but I call twice a year and it was a legitamite question. And "Honey?" That bugs. It sounded like I wasn't even deserving of business like ettiquette, like I couldn't hang with the uber-intellectual phone scheduler.

I am finding the older I get the more unwilling I am at letting comments go unanswered. A few years ago I would have answered the receptionist with an apologetic withdrawl, but her "honey" made me a little fiesty. Another case, last week I met my sister at MacDonalds (for those keeping track, yes, we go there often.) My kids got out of the car and I instructed them to stand next to the car while I grabbed my wallet, which they did, but they did walk around the car and stand on the opposite side of where I was. But as soon as I came around the driver's side rear corner they started accross the street. I was about four steps behind them with Brock in my arms, a diaper bag, and my wallet. This old man, trying real hard to be kind, stepped out in front of me and said, "Lady, you gotta be careful letting them kids run off like that. Cars pull out of these parking spots all the time and wouldn't see them." Ok. I know that. I am not hoping that will happen, but I also have a 1, 3, and 4 year old and only two hands with which to control them, not to mention ALL the crap we take with us anywhere we go. I just looked at the guy square in the eyes and said, "Ugh, OK, They're fine. Short of putting them on a leash, I don't know what more I can do. There's three of them and I have two hands." Wasn't that raunchy. I just don't have the patience for it. I know he was good intentioned, and actually answered my attitude with "Well, God bless your faith." I thought that was very generous of him because I had been down right gritchy. I can't apologize, though. I get tired of feeling like I should just stay at home and hunker down until my kids are all grown, or at least tall enough to be seen in a rear view mirror. I am not going to stress, but it doesn't mean I am not careful and/or concerned with their well-being. It is what it is, right.

And it is warm here. But, contrary to everyone else, I am loving it. We're toughing it out with no AC, but that means little covers and sleeping with the windows open. It means the kids playing outside many times during the day. It means cool evening weather which makes walks and chatting comfortable. It's SPRING, Las Vegas style, for pete's sake. Granted, 90s in March may be pushing it, but I am loving it. I wish the pool would warm for good so we could fully take advantage of the weather.

Tomorrow I am getting some pampering before Mexico. I opted last month to let our cleaning lady go, which I should post an homage to Paula, so I could use that money elsewhere. I am sure I'll be regretting it when I get home from vacation and REALLY am back into reality with laundry, bathrooms, and dirty floors to face. Tyler is delivering pizzas for BSA fundraiser during the NCAA basketball games. Busy day, just the way I like it!


Beth said...

Great post! You're right, she is a natural actress. Always has been. She did a phenomenal job last night! I'm so sorry you let Paula go. I'm missing her, for you, already.

Chris said...

thanks for the great post -

please keep us updated on your "lovary" - i am concerned about you and want to know you are OK. would have loved to see Kenzie act - i am sure she was great!

and no worries about the old guy - i think a lot of people in life mean well and are well-intentioned in offering advice but most of the time, there well-intentioned advice does not come from personal experience

take care~

Stac said...

uh yeah, sorry about my kid climbing on the bed with you. She saw the story book and ran as fast as she could to join in. Sorry.

I totally understand the Honey thing. I hate when people call me that at work. The only time I don't mind is if the it's an old grandma saying it to me. Other times, it bugs me. I should have put that on my list.