Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nueva Entrada

Apparantly all prompts come in Spanish when you are typing from Mexico. I was happy to find out that we can use Morris and Elaine's emial/internet to check out people's blogs and home emails from the comfort of our pajamas. Dad couldn't sleep last night, so came on the computer for a few hours. He probably did better at that than I did since he understands a little Spanish and I have found I am resorting to random words of French. For example, we stop to get gas in our VW Jetta (which, BTW has great trunk space and we got ALMOST all our bags in the trunk... Ya gotta love a trunk that holds most y0ur junk!) and all the gas stations here are full service. After we figured out how to get the gas flap open, we used hand motions to tell the attendant to fill it up and paid the guy. Dad says, "Gracias" at the same time I yell, "Merci!" out the window. I shouldn't even try to be bilingual. Apparantly I am better at being the dumb gringo who speaks only English. I am sure French is way off the rictor scale. Anyhow. We made it here yesterday afternoon and I have to say am much happier to be at the beach in Mexico in this amazing village after 8 hours of travel instead of in Utah at some campsite after 8 hours of travel. Can you all see where this would be a conflict for me and Tyler in our lives? I decided last night we should plan on retiring our winters in Mexico in a fabulous home on the beach and we can summer in some po-dunk Montana town. I so want to be able to absorb all the culture and have been taken with all the colors (all the art, funiture, houses, and vegitation) and the simplicity of everything. I do, however, think I get why it's so devestating to have earthquakes or natural disasters in more rural, less developed areas. I don't think Mexico has too many building codes or rules. It makes me kinda nervous to see all the "new" growth and how shoddy it looks, like American work looks after it's been ignored for twenty years or so. BUT, the people don't seem to care, and think it's cool to use every possible space for living, shops, or whatever. When we were at customs at the Puerto Vallarta airport yesterday, Mom kept singing some song and I made the comment how we were NEVER going to blend in if she kept doing stuff like that. She can't help herself, I don't think. She is relating this trip to a lot of songs, I guess, she said in the car yesterday she had a Kenny Chesney song in her head . . . and of course she sang it for us. It's kinda funny. Maybe I should keep track of the times she busts out in song this week. This place is really that kind of place. I would be willing to bust out myself if I could find the right song, but I can't think of the perfect song to fit SUCH my place. I am worried that my sun allergy is going to flare up. I have this thing where I break out in a horribly sting-y rash if I overdose on the beach sun. It only seems to happen at the ocean, but I am nervous it will afflict me the whole vacation. It looks and feels pretty bad, and I have been conscious of the beginning tingling, pokey feeling it starts with on my ears and arms. Other than that we've hung out and Mackenzie and I have played some games. We're are fixing to go down onto the beach and play for a bit. Erin, if it makes you feel any better, there are no fruity drinks until the weekend and it IS really muggy and humid. That being said, I have thought a dozen times how much I wish the whole family could be down here. We are still haunting your blogs, huge relief Nate came thru (lol) and can answer emails. Erin, if you could check with Mindie, I am not sure Tyler will give me the adaquate details I crave about my other kiddos! Anyway, off we go . . . I'll write more later.


Daniel said...

Hope you and the fam are good to go also if you see anyone that looks like me tell them

El Fatman es muy atractivo
El Fatman está muy fresco colgar hacia fuera con
or (my Fav)
Hey deshacen al muchacho gordo su cremallera

Chris said...

¡Los sonidos como usted están teniendo diversión! Deseo que podría estar con usted a sentarse en la playa y las bebidas con sabor a fruta del sip. ¡Por favor el un montón de la toma de cuadros así que de sus amigos puede todo considerar cuando usted consigue detrás! ¡El cuidado de la toma y no consigue quemado!


Chris said...


apparently if you try and translate this directly, it doesn't make as much sense cuz of the weird way verb tenses are conjugated in Espanol. Just know i am thinking of you, wishing i could have fruity drinks on a beach!

annilee said...

O.K. girl, I am happy for you, but you suck!!! Have a good time we miss you!