Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am such a failure

So, I was just sitting down on this fine Thursday eve to peruse my "favorite blogs folder" to see what new posts have showed up since I last checked today at 2pm. AND I am making my way through the A's (Annilee-nothing), my C girls (Candice - still funny Dancing with the Stars post, Chris - cute pics of Madison [I can't believe she's 12!], and Chanel - seriously stressing ME out with an official ulcer and TMJ!?), D-men (Daniel - nadda, Dylan - never disappoints with a link to his wife's blog and a funny comment about her man boob sweat chocolate bar), Erin (still can't devote enough time to study out the Bachelor-ettes), my money J collection (Jamie - no new post, Jana - Miss we need a birthday, major vacation, or mission call to get a post, Jen - anxiously waiting for post 100, Jenn - no new update on the costume sitch, Jerolyn - funny Lost in Translation post [thanks, thanks, enjoyed it, very funny, nice treat in the J section], and Julina - Erin pretty much read me this one and I can SO relate to the Cocoa Puffs thing). I admit I glossed over my K and L cuz Kourtney and Leanne don't post regularly, M couple (Mom - zilch, Molly - been there, felt that), N was the jackpot (Nate, Stacy, and Zoee blog had like three posts I hadn't seen and I enjoyed each of them, especially the M&M story), and then on down to R for my newest "favorite" save, cousin Rick's blog. So I'm reading and reading and thinking, "Oh yeah, Survivor . . . [still reading] . . . crap, what day is it . . . [keep reading his big-boob truck driver reference; get totally sucked in] . . . it's Thursday . . . SHUT UP! I totally forgot to set my DVR and I was at a church thing tonight AND I MISSED THE PREMIER." I'm so bummed for myself!

And, yes, that's the extent of my pathetic life. Just a glimpse of 9:30pm, me on the couch, being oh-so-productive reading blogs and being bummed I forgot to record one of the ba-dillions of reality TV. I am SO not healthy, mentally . . . or is it emotionally?

WHICH, ironically, is what I was doing at church tonight. My friend Julie asked if I'd teach a class at their "Back to School" enrichment activity. So I thought, oh, she'll ask me to talk about high school English or something. Uh, no. She wanted me to talk about being physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually healthy. Uh, what?! I seriously laughed and asked her to reassure me that I was her LAST choice; that she'd called, like, at least five other people because SURELY she could NOT have thought, "Hmmm, who do I know that's physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy? Well, Sarah Barlow that's who!" No. Let's be real people; I have issues in ALL those departments. So once we established I wasn't THE first pick (she was real sweet and said the nice-friend things that you have to say when you're in a bind and need help at your enrichment meeting in two days - {Love ya, Julie!}) I said, sure. But, of course, it was good and I learned a lot of useful information for my own life. One of my favorite quotes I used, by Neal A. Maxwell, "This feeling we know all to well of inadequacy is normal." Yeah, cuz I don't like have shortcomings with company :) It was a cute enrichment, though, good ambiance. I do love the presentation of an event.

And, before I give Tyler the computer so he can download his GPS system, I want to also let the latter part of the alphabet know that I did check out thier blogs, too. (Sarah - cute bows, Stephanie - c'mon the first day of school was WEEKS ago, Taralee - cute scrap page, The Kochs - just lurking, Tiffany - pick it up, girl, Tristen - are you slowing your blog pace?, Troy and Nancee - I think Erica looks a lot like Grandpa Phillips, and Tyler D - been there, read that, amen-ed ya this afternoon.)

**Those blogs not linked are set to private (neener, neener) and my Mom did post something by the time I finished typing this.


chris jenkins said...

it's ok. seriously sll you got to do is go read one of the survivor fan blogs and you'll be set for next week. don't despair.

and i think you were a great choice for the enrichment thingie!

and how can you possibly keep up on so many blogs? ayway.

Erin said...

Crap, I would have saved it for you if I had known you missed it. Already deleted, sorry. I gotta keep space for all the other upcoming shows this week, you know! I'm sure you did great last night on your talk. You're healthier than you think, otherwise you wouldn't be able to juggle all that you do. See, you could have just given it the spin that YOU have all those things together so much so that you're having baby #5!!!:-)

The Fatman said...

I think you are being very productive I mean come on yo0u have the prego card to play so You are good to go

annilee said...

You are the cutest! And I'm sure you gave a great talk. You would be my FIRST choice also!!!

chanel said...

you are so darling! Don't stress, Im all good.
I wish I could have seen you at the Enrichment I am sure it was awesome! You may not feel all that healthy, but you don't give yourself enough credit! You ROCK!

Troy and Nancee said...

Are you saying our daughter looks like an old man? Actually we think most newborns have a resemblance to g-pas. Your package just arrived and we love it. You went all out. I've been needing more burpclothes. The pictures is awesome too. Is this another one of your talents? The little outfits are soooo cute too. I can't wait to dress her up in them.

Allen Fieldhouse said...

hi sarah,
it's jen, isaac's mom. congratulations on your pregnancy! such exciting news to share & blog about. :)
bummer you missed was good. i like that they are finally in a different environment.

p.s. have you heard yet when preschool starts? isaac is going stir-crazy!