Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Things I have learned this week

As I have caught up on some of my blog reading today, I thought I would share with you some of the things I have gleened from this week. I won't list all the fabulous information I learn and grow from whilst visiting y'alls blogs, but I've taken some good notes on that stuff too.

1. I am still capable of sleeping for 10.5 hours. This happened last night and I am not sharing it to rub it in to any of my sleeping-less friends, but I was trying to hide from Brock (who found me and played in my bed as a divertion to his own bedtime until Tyler rescued me and put Brock in his own bed) and I ended up falling asleep at 8:30pm. I awoke to brush my teeth and potty at 11:30pm and again at 4:00am to potty again (LOVE that pregnancy thing) and finally got out of bed at 7am this morning. Nice. I know.

I am not a dessert maker. Well, a successful dessert maker, anyhow. I've dedicated myself to only store-bought treats from now on. It just makes me appreciate others' talents all the more.

3. I am a cleaning maniac. For nothing. I spent ALL afternoon Saturday REALLY cleaning my house so it'd be clean when Tyler came home . . . . aaaaannnnnddddd it's pretty messy again. My ultimate goal was to get our bedroom clean, but I have learned it will never be cleaned because EVERYWHERE else is a priority. Sigh.

4. I should not go to dance festival meetings when I have a headache. I get onry and opinionated and it has a negative effect on everybody.

OJ Simpson is quite the piece of work! I mean, really??? After watching the Oprah show about his book "IF I did it" and then him being arrested in our fine home town for burglery, I am pretty sure he is MESSED UP!!! I do want to know if my cousin, Tyler, has squeezed any Juice at work lately?

Even when Tyler is fishing on his Oregon trip with 8 of his best buddies, he still thinks of me and has flowers delivered in his absence. The card told me how much he loved me and was glad I was the mother of his kids, including the new addition. Everyone together now, "ahhhhh!" He's a keeper, trouser trout and all :)

Perez Hilton, Big Brother, reality TV (in general) all make me happy for no obvious reason. Erin and I stayed up til 1am one night this past week reading old Perez posts and the latest episode of Big Brother. Not only do we watch the show, but then we rewind parts to really "study" it. I think i should be embarrassed by how excited I am for the other trash shows I get hooked in to. Uh, yeah, like The Bachelor (trash above all other trash) starts in a couple weeks. Candace listed a few shows she was loyal to, including "Dancing with the Stars" (only this season because of Marie Osmond, right?!), and I thought, "I couldn't even remember all the shows my DVR is set for." And I do get attached in ways I don't realize. Like when I read that Wade Robson AND Mia Michaels from 'So You think You can Dance' both got emmys, I was happy for them. Really, truly happy. Or when Dr. Rey from 'Dr. 90210' reconciles with his father, uh, hello, totally touched! But I don't know ANY of them, so GET A LIFE SARAH!

8. When somebody has really good taste in clothes (like my friend Debi), it's worth wearing her hand-me-down shoes, even if they're a size larger than I normally wear. Cuz then she brings over the matching dresses and hand-me-downs them too. Love it.

9. It's hard to be the mom sometimes. Well, all the time. Spending time playing the referee is a lot of pressure when the penalty and/or rewards doled out shapes these little peoples' characters. It's also hard when your sister is taking pictures of you being the mom :) (Love ya, Sis!)

Sometimes my brother likes to pull an attitude and be all pissy. At first it catches me off guard, but then the whole family likes to give him a hard time. Cuz he's full of it. He's not really a grumpy old man, he's a smushy pushover who'll do whatever his women need him to do. Don't get me wrong, he plays stubborn pretty well, but he has to work at being cranky - it's not his natural disposition. Love you, too, Boogie Boy!


The Fatman said...

Dude Erin looks like she is owning his face LOL and I love how much you love the bachelor because the only reason I can stomach that Garbage is because I am around you all!!!

chanel said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Erin's pict! What a great shot!
Your husband is too amazing! Makes me want to cry!

Erin said...

See? I told everyone I'm a mean mom--even when Austin hits Syd in the face with the light saber & gives her a bloody nose. You've gotta throw that in there so I don't look all that cruel. And BTW, you're totally assigned dessert next time if you're bringin' the Nothing Bundt Cake! Seriously, you do get props for effort. Don't give up, you'll get there someday!

Stac said...

Don't worry, I cant bake either. I hate baking...especially after the rolls I tried to make turned into hard rocks. Oh well. That is a great picture of Erin and Seth. Nate got better that night and once we got home and he got a little action, he was good. He's a great guy.

Jerolyn said...

Love the photos of Erin~man you can just feel Austins hair standing on end can't you? And Erin You are so patient and loving when it comes to disciplining your kids. They're lucky to have you! Great post Sarah. I like the picture of Nate and Zoee too!

Tyler said...

No squeezed Juice yet. We were waiting all week for him to come in, and he came in Sunday when I was off. He is housed on the floor my squad is currently working on, but I have a feeling he'll be gone before I go back to work tomorrow night. The guy is a train wreck. I really loved the interview with his ex-agent who said things like "I was hoping O.J. would turn his life around when he was given a second chance when he was acquitted, but all he wanted to do was act like a thug and do cocaine and extacy." Or "O.J. had people cleaning his stuff out of his house 24 hours before the Goldman's showed up after the civil judgement." I hope I have no dealings with the guy. Too much drama.

Nothing Bundt Cake is like heroin. My Dad introduced them to me. Like I need another dessert item to be addicted to!

Sorry, but I just can't get into the reality T.V. thing, even though it seems everybody else in my family can. You can have your reality T.V. I'll take my ESPN over that any day.

Stac said...

I'M NOT A GRUMP!!!!!!!!!!

chris jenkins said...

darn. i sure wish more of tyler's attributes would have rubbed off on ryan all growing up - flowers - that is like so sweet!

store bought treats, home made treats - as long as it's yummy, it's all good.

love perez. i can't wait for amazing race. that is about as much reality as i can handle.