Monday, December 31, 2007

Confessions of High School Shenanigans

I have made it very well-known that Tyler was WAY cooler than I was in high school (and if I haven't, let me be clear . . . WAYYYY cooler than me.) I know this for sure since I was a measly freshman with huge glasses and short bangs while he was a studly senior whom I would pass in the "cool" hangout of Chaparral hallways. (Yes, that's C-H-A-P-A-R,R-A-L!) There are few things Tyler and I share in common about our high school years, really it's kindof surprising we have ended up together. My extracurriculars were our ward's mutual, a dance team, and choir (to name a few) while Tyler played basketball and golf and partied with the cool student council/cheerleader Cowboys/girls. I was hugely into choir, like INTO choir, it pretty much determined a lot of my social life. It's where I had my first real high school boyfriend, made my best friends, took roadtrips, etc. As great a time that it was in my life, I don't waste my breath trying to explain it all to Tyler. Bless his good heart for SOOO many other things, but Tyler does NOT get the goofy, dorky, clean fun I used to have. I've tried to explain to him what I did on Friday nights with my fellow choir geeks and he does NOT get how much fun we had, so we just don't really talk about it too much . . . a story here, a story there, not many details.
A couple of weeks ago, I got an email about a reunion (of sorts) with a bunch of old friends (many of which live out of town; there was an itinerary, etc. . . big deal, kinda) and I KNEW that I wanted to go, but since Tyler had other plans for the weekend (AND I know he wouldn't get this whole thing) I RSVP'd for myself and told him a group of choir kids were going to get together and I wanted to go. On cue, I got a couple eye rolls and smart remarks. [Just for the record, though, Tyler's not mean about any of my choir stories (ie "True Colors" references any time I bring up Jill, Heather, or Leanne's names), I really think it's funny when I look that far back.]
So, Friday night was the first shin-dig. We met at a local church and hung out with spouses and kids. Like I said, Tyler already had plans, so we went on a little date before we went our separate ways. Tyler kept referencing the "choir reunion" and I had to confess that it wasn't quite the big 'reunion' that I had let him think it was. When I told him it was more like a couple of friendly cliques getting together, I knew I'd get a sideways glance. When I told him our cliques had names like "B.C." and "K.S.", I knew I was going to get a scoff. And I KNEW when I explained to him how the B.C. were a group of our guy friends who would get together and have secret meetings and activities together; that the K.S. was a girls version that was pretty much created since the boys adamantly left us out of their club (we weren't even allowed to know what B.C. stood for - and I still don't to this day) and our whole purpose was to stealthily spy and disturb the boys' activities and meetings; I KNEW I would get a belly laugh. And I did. He called it dorky and weird and he kept bringing up the weekend's itinerary (WHICH I agreed was pretty intense, but considering it was just an outline and nothing confirmed and there were several B.C./K.S. coming from out of town, the itinerary could prove useful.) I told him our gathering was no different than some of his fishing trips where there has been an agenda and he said it's totally different. Potato; Potahto. Anyway, he knew I was excited to see some of these people I haven't seen in SERIOUSLY 11 or 12 years and I know after being married for 11 years, that making him go would prove in my misery and him having a good time against his will. Heaven forbid he enjoy some good, clean, dorky, B.C./K.S. FUN.
Anyway, here's some pictures from Friday night. Some of us met again on Saturday night for dinner, but I forgot my camera. I felt like a total revealed stalker since several of the K.S. and wives of the B.C. keep blogs and I read them fairly regularly, so being "introduced" for the first time I had to confess, "Oh no, I've read ALL about you and admired your cute children, etc. and know all about your jobs, homes, social lives, etc." It was way better, though, to meet people in person and not just through their blogs. AND can I say, for the record, I really am impressed at the women (and men) whom we all married. I was telling Tyler after dinner Saturday night (he didn't go Sat. either in case you were wondering) about everyone and what they were doing and drew these conclusions: we are still a well-educated, good choice-making, better-looking, fun, group of friends. I think he felt bad he missed the festivities. Oh well, there's always next time :)
And some pics:
Heather, Leanne, and me (with Nan's baby Cole). Jill (our 4th partner in crime) was sick Friday night, but came Sat. We are the older ladies of the K.S. having just graduated when our club was formed on the beaches of Hawaii in 1995. Seriously, we were in Hawaii, when we decided on K.S. Any guesses what it stands for?

This is Adam (he's old like us, too, but there are some older guys in the B.C. since they were around a bit longer than us.) Adam took charge (WHAT? Adam?) He always had a knack for organizing events and directing the masses; I can remember a lot of times Adam convinced me something would be fun, even though I initially thought otherwise. He was usually right. The other times we butt heads, if I remember right. Adam's got five kids, a great wife, and they're totally amazing.

This picture is of the meeting Friday night to determine the weekend's activities. (from L-R: Ky (Marie's husband), Marie (K.S.), Adam Koch (B.C.), Sarah and Anthony Vidal (K.B.S.C. - they got married, so I don't know what their merged club's name is.)

Josh and Travis Stanley. Brothers by blood and by B.C. Travis married Leanne (K.S.) I told you we made good choices!

Ali (with her baby), Marie (with Amber's baby), and Sarah (with her baby). They're raising the second generation!
Anthony and Sarah (they really helped coordinate everything with emails and the church Friday night; live locally; I see the Vidals often . . . church, the mall, Sam's Club, etc.)
Anyway, there were a lot of people I didn't get pictures of, but enjoyed talking to all of them. I was really impressed with the Rawhouser's world travels, McEachran's city council job (I think that is SO grown up), and meeting all the spouses. It was great to hear briefly about the past DECADE and remember some really good times. So, thanks for FINALLY remembering the girls, even if we don't know what B.C. stands for yet.


Beth said...

Maybe B.C. stands for Boy's Club.


Well, if it makes you feel better, I wasn't even cool enough to be in any club!! I always admired all of you guys! Glad you had fun!

Tyler said...

WOW! I didn't realize chior had secret combinations! We weren't cool enough in band to have those!

Kourtney said...

Okay, I'm totally with Tyler (your Tyler) on this one. You had secret clubs in HIGH school?? Well, I guess the fact that you all were in choir kinda explains that! Haha! But I think the fact that the meaning of B.C. is still a secret is even more dorky!
My guess for K.S. would be Kelly Slater?? Or maybe Killer Sharks?? But I guess since it's a secret we'll NEVER get to know. I hope I can sleep tonight.
Oh yeah, SUNDEVILS!!!

Jenn S. said...

K.S. - Kiss Surfers?

Fun stuff - I remember hearing all of your choir stories, glad you guys got to have a reunion! :)

chanel said...

Sooo FUN! I never understood the dynamics of what was going on, this sheds a lot of light!

I LOVE the pictures!!! I never hear from any of those girlies anymore, so good to see them!


Your husband kills me!! :)

Dylan said...

Wow. This had to have been really surreal. Like you fell asleep in 11th grade and woke up and everybody got old. Just looking at the pictures made me feel all weird and awkward. It's like high school all over again!