Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

Here are a few of our Christmas photos from the past week. Because we are so BLESSED to have a lot of family in town, we are also BLESSED to have Christmas celebrated over several different days. Sunday night (since this was the in-laws year for Christmas Eve) we met over with Tyler's folks with his mom and dad for a Mexican Feast-esta and our exchange gifts. Tyler was STOKED about the menu since he is always campaining for something other than the traditional turkey, potatoes, etc.
Caylee's enjoying some 7-layer bean dip and a taco. I actually made some really good chicken enchiladas with HOMEMADE sauce. They were a hit, too. I was super impressed with myself as I hardly ever do something more from scratch than from packages.

Caylee was pretty excited to get a Cheetah Girls Barbie Doll. Can you tell?

Kenzie got a darling charm bracelet with a watch that she has tried to wear EVERY day since Uncle Brandon's gift. We rotate family names and Brandon had us this year; he did well.

Brock just loved the big truck . . . not that we knew what it was for a while since he just wanted to carry the box around.

Brevin and his first boy toy of the season. I can't even remember how many transformer/Star Wars/car-ish toys he ended up with.

A shadow box, which I loved, AND it already had some cute Paris paraphenalia, so I think I'll replace it with some momentos of our trip this summer. (I'm wearing the anniversary necklace, but it's kinda hard to see.)

Uh, yeah, this will be in the backyard. We found it funny, but I'm not sure what the bishop would think if he dropped by and saw this on our front door step.

The Barlows have always sang on Christmas Eve and the weeks preceding (that's the blessing of a lot of musical talent in one family.) There's official song books (now tabbed, thanks to Lexi) and musical instruments for the kids. It's loud and crazy, but a GREAT tradition.
Christmas Eve day Tyler went golfing with some family, and took Brevin along. I'm thinking an all boys tradition will work out with another boy on the way (in a couple years, anyway.) I took the girls (and Brock) to Enchanted (SO cute) and then Christmas Eve we had dinner at my mom and dad's. We enjoyed a YUMMY meal and hanging out. We enjoyed the Caplan's company (a pair of our favorite Jews celebrating Hana-mas) and Erin's tale of speaking to our Great Aunt Shirley (which is a whole nother post.) We missed Nate, Stacy, Zoee, and Mike, but managed to eat a lot to get over the sadness.
The Caplans

The kids' table (Uncle Dave was so torn as he got stuck at the adult table this year.)

This is Brock helping himself to dessert. I had no idea how much chocolate he ate, but when I tried to give him some runny nose medicine later that night he gagged and up came A LOT of chocolate goo. (Goo, right Julina?! Ick!)
When we got home we found Santa had dropped off some gifts a little early (he always leaves them under the girls' Christmas tree in their room with a note.) We went ahead and bathed the kids and while Tyler made hot cocoa I captured the classic Christmas Eve photo.

Then we read the Bible nativity story, watched "Joy to the World" video and tucked the kids in bed for sweet dreams. Of course, we couldn't leave all the work for Santa, so I finished wrapping presents with David's help. Dave came to stay the night at our house so he wouldn't be solo at my parent's house on Christmas morning. I don't think he bargained for all the helpwork we do for Santa. He was great, though, and we made it to bed about 1:30am. We were back up a mere 5 hours later.

Another bonus of Dave being here is he helped contain the kids so I could prep the video camera, get a bra on, brush my teeth, change Brock's wet diaper, and Tyler could get dressed. I love Brock's face in this picture as this is really the first time he's grasped "Merry Kis-mas" "Santa Claus" and "pesents."

The Harley Davison scooter was a hit. Until the next morning when the "revving" woke me and Tyler up since it's still in the house.

One of the girls' last gift was a special one from Tyler. Can you tell how excited Caylee was to open the box and find a piece of paper she couldn't read?

But then Kenzie read "Hannah Montana tickets" and she was able to find some joy in it.

And the thank you for one heck of a Daddy-Daughter date next month. Tyler was a ticket buying fool this year. My super-surprise present from Santa was a pair of Wicked tickets in L.A. SOOO excited. Sooo torn about who to take. Anyway, it was way fun for both the reactions.

AND HE GOT ME?? I had the hardest time sleeping during our five hours off Christmas Eve/morn and at 6am woke to remember I had forgotten to wrap the dreaded cow cutting board for Tyler. I had found it hidden in our closet and thought I'd bamboozle Tyler by confiscating it and wrapping it for him. Since I forgot to do it, I figured I'd sneak it in to a gift bag and let him open it at my parents' later in the morning. Well, jokes on me, he totally re-found our most heinous wedding gift that we regift each year. He kicks my trash in the cow-giving history. And really, after eleven years, we're still confounded at WHY someone saw the cow cutting board and thought, "oh, perfect for the new Barlows."
After the chaos and fun and twisty ties and plastic-harder-than-steel at our house we headed to my parents again for presents there. It was an added bonus to get to talk to my brother in Virginia, who's serving a mission. He is doing well and sounded good. We only talked briefly, but it'll be enough to get us all through until Mother's Day.

Tyler's so over Christmas by this point. Notice my fine jewelry that the kids picked out for me? Tyler loves to let them buy me whatever they want to get me. Compared to last year, this one was way better (no bushy earrings or strappy gold sandals), and other than the nerf gun Brevin got me, I was really thrilled with the boots, purse, and sunglasses.
After being at mom and dad's for a bit, eating breakfast and such, we headed back to our house where Dodie and Bruce came by to give us their presents to just our family. They started touring last year, and it has been such a blessing. It really cuts down on the marathon day.

This is just one of my favorite pictures from that visit. Tyler's such a good dad and Brock is actually sitting still in this photo as they study some new boy-toy.

So, we had a great time, and hope y'all did too. I'm anxious to see everyone's pictures, so take the time and start uploading those babies! We have the dreaded take-down of the Christmas decor looming, but we won't be achieving too much for a couple days.


chris jenkins said...

yay! you got your pictures up! looks like the barlow clan had a good christmas!

annilee said...

Cute pics! I'm glad you had a good Christmas. You guys are such a darling family!!! And triple luv the cow cutting board.

Rick/Dad/Grandpa/Mr. D said...

Great pics! It sounds like you had a busy a Christmas Eve and Day. Lots of fun though!

You're gonna LOVE "Wicked!" I've seen it twice in NYC and it's GREAT!!!

Erin said...

AHEM....I would just like to point out who would be the FUNNEST on your Wicked trip with you...I mean that is the ultimate sleepover, riiiiiight??? I mean, I'm just sayin'... You always have been my favorite sister and all.

Jerolyn said...

Cute cute cute family and great pics!!!

Kourtney said...

I love the pics! Aren't those Hannah Montana tickets super hard to come by?? I keep hearing on the news how people are trying to get them. Lucky girls! And the last pic is so cute!

Tyler said...

I think you should take Caylee to Wicked, but only bring the one shirt she doesn't want to wear!:)

Jenn S. said...

Sarah - I'm so glad that you and Tyler have enjoyed the beautiful cow cutting board that I gave you for your wedding gift, I'm so glad that it has become the gift that keeps on giving . . .

HOORAY for Wicked, you will LOVE it and you know what, I think Tyler would too, it really is magical.

Merry Christmas!

Jenn S. said...

I'm kidding about the cutting board folks. I try and limit my farm animal shaped gifts to primarily birthday presents.