Saturday, December 22, 2007

I would be remiss . . .

Alright. I'll confess; I don't even know if I used that title right. I'm going for the sentiment that I would feel badly if I didn't share these things real quick before bed tonight:

I would be remiss if I didn't share what an amazing husband I have. I should have pictures so you could see it to believe it, but let me just share a bit about our weekend. Thursday night AS SOON AS Tyler got home he took ALL four of the kids by himself out to eat and to shop for me for Christmas. I warned him Brock had not napped and they had all been playing all afternoon at my sister's, but it didn't phase him and he said, "They don't scare me." When he started putting on their shoes and was ACTUALLY going to take them to dinner I said, "You should pace yourself; this could be a long night." Undeterred he headed off in the Excursion while I got to drive his truck around running some errands, Christmas shopping, visiting teaching, etc. I was out for a bit before I started feeling a little woosy and realized I hadn't eaten much all that day, so I pulled into the KFC drive-thru. Long story short, I totally scraped the side of Tyler's truck on the stupid red pole that protects the building from the cars (or, in this case, my husband's truck) from taking out the drive-thru cashier. I was about ready to poop my pants. I went straight to my sister's to see if I could wipe off the smudge. Uh, no. It was a good 'ol scratch job with flecks of red paint still wiped across his gas flap and back to his wheel well.

Now, for most of you that know me, you know I drive a big 'ol rig and I own every scratch, dent, and bump on that car. When I tried pulling the car into the garage cuz it was 120 degrees outside and then shut the garage door around the end of the car, only to scratch not only the paint on the back side of the car, but also the glass itself, I felt badly that I had done something so obvious. I mean, compared to where I backed into the fire hydrant (yes, I heard the back up sensors but I didn't see anything), or hit a shopping cart or two, or pulled into a light pull in a parking lot, the scratch was a lot more visible. I told Tyler (when he discovered the red paint from the hydrant) that we'd not waste time fixing my paint and bumpers until we were ready to sell it. BUT Tyler, he NEVER even gets anything on his truck; he washes it ALL the time; gas tank is always full . . . you get the picture . . . Mr. Uber Resposible Truck Driver is married to Mrs. Can't Really Focus on Pulling Thru a Tight Driveway without Whacking the Red Pole. Poor guy.

So, I stewed and fretted, got my girlfriend's husband's opinion (he suggested bribery of a lift kit and new custom mudwhackers to cover the scrapes), called the professional auto body friend we know, and tried working out different scenarios of exactly HOW I was gonna break the news. I thought about lying at first (that's how worried I was that's I'd disappoint him that badly), getting naked to tell him (probably more damage than help at this present juncture of my pregnancy), or just not saying anything to wait and see if he noticed the next morning. I finally decided just to tell him and he took the news really well . . . considering. He shook his head a lot and was pretty quiet and kept telling me to quit apologizing. We went to bed shortly after and all he said the rest of the night was, "Quit looking at me; it's fine." "You were about due for another car incident." and "I should have had you get naked to tell me."

Anyway, I can't even convey how badly I felt, and he didn't yell or shout or be mean back at me. The next morning was our anniversary, and so what does he do the next morning after I scratched up his truck? Leaves me this gorgeous necklace with a card on my carseat. [Of course, I yell at me kids when I sit on the box, "Who left something on my seat?"] Then, when I turned the car on Tyler'd put in our wedding song CD into my car player so it came right on when I fired up my beast. [It played for a second and then skipped since it was so chilly outside.] Anyway, how thoughtful was that? We both had a crazy busy day, so when we went out to dinner that night it was SO great just to be the two of us. And would you believe he didn't bring up the scratched car once or hasn't since? Of course you believe that, because, I'm telling you, he's amazing. I am soo lucky. Y'all should send him your condolences. Alright enough about that.

I would also be remiss to not share my gratitiude with being nearly done with my Christmas shopping, gifting, and drop-offs. By tomorrow I'll be done, and I've been able to thin a lot about my Christmas journal. I actually did one page, which Brock scribbled all over. Probably after Christmas I'll take some pictures of the pages and post them. I've enjoyed noticing the small things that make my holiday bright, mostly because the Christmas journal prompts come every day. I helped my dad make these darling snowmen and he gave them to all the people who work at his elementary school. I really enjoyed the couple nights we spent working on that project together; tying raffia has never been so great. And tomorrow we get to celebrate with Tyler's brothers and sister and all the kiddos. It'll be a great kick-off for the next few days on the Eve of Christmas Eve.

And last but not least, I feel inclined to address the Pepsi vs. Coke issue that has been raised on my cousin, Tyler's, blog. (Please check out his post and the ensuing comments to get a full-blown picture of what a heated family despute is like in our family, and then take time to cast a vote in his poll.) I have to say I enjoy a cola beverage no matter were we are or what time of the day it is. I USED to prefer Pepsi, but this is what I have decided. I only liked Pepsi to rebel against my parents, who were staunch Coke fans all my growing years. (And my BFF Kara's family always had Pepsi.) I would often run into the Rebel to fill up my mom's 104 ounce insulated mug (way before her caffiene-free-diet-why-do-you-even-bother days) with Diet Coke and I can remember many a headaches remedied by a can of Coke for my dad. I came back to my senses as I got older and wiser and realized that Coke has a better burn and fizz than Pepsi. Don't get me wrong, the Pepsi line of products does not prevent me from going to, say, Taco Bell, but I would also be happy to have a Coke with my bean burrito if the world is taken over by Coca-Cola as Tyler suspects.

Good night y'all! No more remissing.


Beth said...

GREAT man. GREAT husband. GREAT dad. GREAT son-in-law. Just...GREAT guy. I love him. Mostly for how much he loves you. And for the record...I don't think the scrape is all that bad. Comparatively speaking. It's only bad because YOU did it. If he came home with it, you probably wouldn't think it was as bad as you do.

chris jenkins said...

tyler is a keeper :D

happy anniversary and merry christmas!

Heather said...

Thanks, I now am craving a coke. But, its Sunday, and not a single coke in sight!

Tyler said...

WOW!!! Tyler is a good dude! Not that this is news, but to to that to your husbands truck and have no anger?!?!?! Not even a second?!?!?! He's a better guy than me! Sarah, It may be time to get a Hundai or a Smart Car or something. I know you are gonna have 5 kids, but they make a 5 passenger Accent I think! Heck, Kenzie thinks she's 16, right? Just teach her to drive! I mean, I don't think she can hit MORE stuff than you!!! See! I am a jerk!

By the way......NOT CHOOSING A SIDE IS THE SAME A CHOOSING A SIDE!!! DEATH TO TRAITORS!! YOU CAN'T SIT BY AND WAIT TO SEE WHO WINS!!! By the way, admitting you did something just to make your parents mad is not cool! I say you keep rebeling!!! Just my opinion!!!

Tyler said...

Bye the way.....PEPSI RULES!!!

Leslie S. said...

All I can say is, it is a good thing for both of us that we can frequent American Auto Body!

Kourtney said...

Tyler is quite a guy not to beat you down and make you cry! J/K! Seriously, the fact that he hasn't brought it up is so cool. Most husbands would have to at least make fun of their wife about it. I don't want to jinx myself, but I'm so very careful not to hurt my Tahoe and luckily I haven't yet. Frankie would beat me down for sure. Haha, yeah right. I'm guessing you won't be driving his truck any time soon, though!
I hope you had a lovely aniversary with your man!!!
Now quit apologizing!

Jenn S. said...

Aww, Tyler *is* awesome, I totally agree - especially since he and Marc are so much alike.

PS - Never ever tell Marc this, but I once backed the jeep into a teeny fence whilst attempting parallel parking in downtown philly ( a little wrought iron fence that was protecting a tree) it left a ugly little scratch and I hemmed and hawed over what to do and eventually plead the big "I have no idea how that got there!" shhhh!

Sorry to your cousin, but Pepsi makes we want to hurl. When I'm at a restaurant, I always ask if they serve coke or pepsi and always order water if they don't serve coke.

Kathy said...

I think Tyler and Mike were cut from the same (really nice husband)cloth. I've done my share of scratching and decting of the vehicles over the years (not to mention the snapping off of the side mirror while backing out of our two-car-deep garage). He's barely batted an eye....well he's rolled his eyes a few times. Good for Tyler. Getting mad doesn't fix anything, it just makes you feel worse and I know he doesn't want that. He's a keeper, that's for sure!