Monday, February 18, 2008


(9/97 [even though this will show up before my #8 post of the carmats. Whatever, 97 posts in 97 days one way or the other, right?!]

So, I thought today would be fitting for a nice look back at our trip to Duck Creek a couple weeks ago. We've had a lot of good memories with the Batt family at their cabins in Duck Creek and the first weekend in February was not different. We left Friday afternoon, and after shopping all over Cedar, we were finally equipped with the necessary snow gear. I don't know if it's because it's a balmy 60-ish degrees today and the sun is shining or what, but looking at these photos makes me want to shiver. Saturday was sun-shiney and the kids played outside and snow-mobiled. Tyler rented a snow-mobile and even took the boys ice fishing on Saturday morning. It was just like old times in their beautifully crafted cabins (WHICH, are for sale, BTW). Mindie and Jared and Mindie's dad have built few cabins right on the edge of the National Forrest and with all the snow, it was really magical. On Sunday, though, after it had been snowing all day on top of the many feet they already had, I was nervous we wouldn't get off the mountain. Sure enough, we drove VERY slowly (it took about an hour to get to Cedar) and drove in a lots of slush and sleet and junk. Here's the pics, of our weekend, in the winter wonderland.

Stuck in meadow on the snowmobiles.

Movies on the couch.
Movies in the theater.
We watched lots of movies, at tons of food (including six things of salsa) and relaxed. The only bad thing was spilling my Coke on my laptop, but I did get my pictures organized and Stacy's scrapbook of her shower put together. I would LOVE to have a place so nice and relaxing to go to whenever we wanted, but for now I'll take any invite we can get. Thanks again, Mindie, Jared, and Jamie. It was great!

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Taylor Family said...

This is Kim, Mindie and Tiff's cousin...I found your cute blog off Tiffany's. Don't you just love Utah snow? And lucky you, I never get to see my uncle Jamie anymore...