Saturday, February 16, 2008

Holy Hannah

So, today is make up day. Tyler is out of town on a campout. He fabulously took Brevin with him, so last night I took the girls and Brock over to my mom and dad's for dinner. When we got home and changed into jammies it was bedtime for Brock. So, instead of puttering around like I usually do when Tyler leaves, I went to bed at 8:48pm. I cannot even remember the last time I went to bed that early. The girls stayed up and played Polly Pockets until about 10:20 when Kenzie came to get me to tuck them in to bed. I think I thought for about 2 minutes about blogging and scriptures and weights and decided, NAAAHHHH. I went back to bed. So, Brock and I were up pretty early and I thought I'd finally post about the girls' Hannah Montana concert last month with their dad. Plus, I should post twice today, right?

So, backing this train up a bit . . . Tyler got the girls Hannah Montana tickets for Christmas. The girls were VERY excited for the weeks before and they were creating a whole vision with outfits and makeup and limos. WHAT? Well, as Caylee explained all rock stars go to the show in limos and if Tyler wanted them to dress like Hannah Montana, then surely they'd have to be transported in style. At first we dashed that illusion, but the more Tyler thought about it, the more he thought that would be fun for both the girls AND for himself. He was trying to think and remember, but he couldn't ever remember riding in a limo. So, Saturday, he took his truck to the MGM and parked it there for after the concert. Sydney had spent the night so I suggested she get a ride home from the sleepover in the limo. A couple hours before they left we dolled up the girls with a tich of make-up and their stylish outfits. So, here's the full story with pictures:

Getting ready to go:
Spying the limo. Syd was totally looking for the truck. We thought Caylee would lose it, but it was Kenzie who gushed and squealed.
The limo driver was really sweet and gave each of the girls a rose.
Here's how they left me. They were pretty stoked. The boys and I napped that afternoon; talk about a win/win.
Tyler took these photos in route:
Sparkling cider, so shee shee fru fru:

So, later that night we all met back up at Sweet Tomatoes (the girls' pick) and the girls first words were something like, "Dad got us a t-shirt and cotton candy AND drinks." They were so thrilled and that's why Tyler is the better parent for events like this. I would have been more on the this-concert-is-as-good-as-it-gets.

Good times! I am so blessed to have a good husband who is SUCH a great dad. He doesn't care that he was one of the only dads at the concert or that the screaming was out of control. He even listened to the Hannah Montana and Ally and AJ (the opening act) for a couple weeks before the concert. He recognizes that the joy he brings to his kids is worth more than the money in his bank account.


Beth said...

As dads AND husbands AND sons AND uncles AND broters AND sons-in-laws go, he is pretty wonderful!

The Black's said...

Sarah- Hi this is Michelle (Dempster) Black. I was in your ward growing up. Not sure if you remember me. Well, I found Erin's blog a few weeks ago and then came upon yours and when I read this post it made me laugh so I had to post something. My husband did the exact same thing here in SLC. He took our 5 year old to Hannah Montana and she loved it. He too bought her a shirt. He said he was one of a few guys there. He was such a trooper, he even learned some of the songs so he could sing with her at the concert. He did make one mistake though, he told her when the 3D movie comes out he would take her to that too. So of course a few weeks ago she went to that too. She is the only girl and she gets really spoiled from her daddy.

The Fatman said...

Dude Tyler kicks so much @$$. I mean a Limo rocks the cake for sure!!

annilee said...

O.k. I am soooo rubbing this in to Cole! What a good dad! He even probably enjoyed it as much as I did!

chris jenkins said...

tyler is such a cool dad - i best be telling ryan to take tips!

The Hulls said...

What a great Daddy! The fun things Ethan has to look forward to with Cheyenne. I bet your girls will remember that forever. What a great memory for them all.

Jeannie said...

Love the picture second from the bottom because whenever I see Mackenzie she is very proper. She is rockin' out! Too cute!

Jenn S. said...

I was just going to say the same thing - they will totally remember that forever. What a great dad - yay Tyler!