Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy President's Day

We had a semi-productive day. We pre-cleaned the house for Paula and all six of us headed out the door for breakfast bright and early on this holiday morning. Last night I created a vision and it didn't go as I had planned, so being a visionary woman, I was a little bugged by the time we walked out the door. Especially since I had wet hair. I spose I shouldn't be complaining as I was all blessed for GETTING to shower today. Wow. Anyhow. We went to Instant Replay off Warm Springs (which DOES do a lovely breakfast) and then headed over to Best Buy to finally get my laptop keyboard fixed. Sure enough Tyler purchased the if-your-wife-does-something-stupid-like-spill-Coke warrantee, but they couldn't guarantee I wouldn't lose any info. I promptly took my laptop home to back up my pictures. So, that took ten minutes out of the day and we took the kids to Exploration Park at Mountain's Edge. It was pretty busy, but we let the kids run around for an hour or so. So, you'd think at this point that the kids would be thinking, "I have the best parents ever for taking me out to eat and to the park on this beautiful President's Day!" Uh, no. Not mine. They were ripped that we made them leave, but since most of them had flip flops on, we figured another time with better shoes would work out. Whatever, sometimes I don't know why we bother.

We tried coming home while Tyler went to get the cars washed, but we ended up at my mom's for a bit. It was there that I realized my kids here my voice too much. They totally tune me out. I am white noise. I am the buzz of an electricity box or wire. I say, "Please pick up your toys" and they think, "I know there's a noise coming from somewhere, but it's not important." I think more than anything I was just out of patience. Sometimes days off don't always feel so relaxing.

Caylee did have dance tonight. I got to go and read my book for an hour of uninterrupted-ness. I left Tyler in charge of dinner and he made a yummy Italian chicken thing. After class, the ever-wonderful Miss Lori came out and sat by me to give me a report. It always make me nervous when she comes out because I never know what gems my girls have shared with her. I guess today they were talking about it being President's Day and them celebrating the President's birthdays. She asked the 5 and 6 year old girls which President's birthday we were celebrating and let the girls all answer. Lori said she was most impressed with Caylee who thought we were celebrating President Uchtdorf's (2nd counselor in the church presidency) birthday. Even more impressive than knowing his name is that she pronounced it correctly, feat that many high councilmen struggle with in the sustaining of church leadership during ward conferences.

And one last presidential note. (I already shared this on a comment on Rick's blog). Last night I went to a church choir practice and in walks this kid I've known for a while, Alan Smith. Alan is probably 6'5", pretty big guy, and he's wearing this big T-shirt with a picture of George W. Bush on it. I laughed at the audacity of not only the T-shirt in the chapel, but what it said: "George W. Bush. [A picture of Bush] Love Him or Hate Him? Either way he's killed a lot of Arabs." Nice, huh.


Beth said...

Good old Alan. Always good for a laugh!

julie said...
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julie said...

I was thinking the same thing as your mother....Thats Alan for ya!!!

chanel said...

Aww, Caylee is so spiritual! :)

So I don't get the shirt, besides the audacity to wear soemthing like that in the chapel part, but what does it mean? he's glad he killed the arabs? or its bad that he has? thats why those things are lost on me!

chris jenkins said...

lol about caylee

can't believe alan would wear such a politically arousing shirt to a place where i am sure lots of folks had some definite opinions - i guess it probably made for some drama and for some that is always fun i guess!