Friday, February 29, 2008

A Little Spring Cleaning

Oh, yeah, I've kicked it up a notch. I changed my blog background. Not to anything fancy (like some of y'all's), but to my favorite color: green. Also, after this hot, action-packed Friday night I got a lot of laundry done AND updated my links on my sidebar. Here's the comical part. I have 49 links listed. That means, those are most of the blogs I like to drop in to every now and then. And by most I mean, that doesn't even include the 3 private blogs and the blogs I visit even though I don't really know the people. OR, or, or, how about the people I drop into visit from my links links. Oh, it's an addiction. C'mon fess up, how many do y'all have saved in your faves/links? Don't count the people you don't know in person, cuz I wanna know who is sick like me. I've figured I can get through the blogs in the amount of time it takes Tyler to watch an episode of Monsterquest. It's getting close, though, if bunch of people blog, so I may have to be dumping the non-posters if newbies are really on the ball.

Tyler's fishing again this weekend and I have decided when I go out of town it is not stressful to him for a few specific reasons. When I am gone Tyler does not do laundry, does not grocery shop, uses paper products or eats out so's not to have to do too many dishes, and has the patience and energy to take the kids places (which means a lot less house cleaning.) I, on the other hand, end up counting down the hours until there's another adult in the house.

I had Erin's three young 'uns tonight and it was actually really helpful to have some new blood to keep my kids entertained while I got some work done around the house. I made pancakes and scrambled eggs, which was the only hairy part. I don't know how "John and Kate plus 8" do the whole feeding thing. Once you get all the kids their food, all the kids their drinks, then serve up seconds, it's time to clean up . . . oh wait! It's time to eat myself. If I'm lucky. I would be skinnier with more kids to feed since there'd be no time to feed myself. Don't get me wrong, I'd be skinny AND crazy, but I couldn't be too picky, right?

Alrighty, off to bed. Thanks for the name feedback. I'm gonna give it through the weekend before I get nervous that I am being outvoted. I don't even know if I'll tell Tyler how it all worked out or not. We'll see.


Erin said...

Love the Old School picture...great flaring action. What ever happened to that shirt I was wearing? I totally thought that was way cute at the time!

Beth said...

I love the picture of you with the pigtails. But, it sure goes to show how things have changed. That was taken in our car. Our old VW Dasher wagon. When we travelled, we put down the back seats and you and Erin would have blankets and toys and would play for the 2-3-4-5 hours it took us to get where we were going. No seatbelts, no carseats, no restraints whatsoever. Who knew??? Ignorance, I've decided, is bliss!

Jerolyn said...

Like the new background way better! GO BIG GREEN!

chris jenkins said...

i know the feeling about when i leave town vs. when ryan leaves town. he always takes the kids out to eat and to do fun stuff and so my kids beg for me to leave. i try to get stuff done and enlist my children to do extra chores - my kids don't like that so much.

i have 93 blogs linked on mine. but i don't read them all everyday. some i actually maybe hit once a month. blog-reading/blog-keeping is an incredible time-sucker for me and so i am trying to scale back.