Sunday, February 17, 2008

Running Away

Today was my first week back to church in 5 weeks. Not that I haven't been to church during the week, I've had plenty of meetings, but for the big Sacrament meeting I have been MIA. 5 and 4 weeks ago we had sick kids, 3 weeks ago was ScrapFest, 2 weeks ago the impromptu trip to Duck Creek, and last week was Wicked in CA. I knew it had been a while when people other than Tyler made comments to me this past week. On our way to church Mackenzie says, "Mom, I think this is the first time you've been in our building since we changed to our new time" [at the beginning of the year.] So, it's not that bad, I think I did go once or twice in January.

So we get there and the 70 minutes of Sacrament meeting is a little rough for me. I'm starting to get big enough in my pregnancy that breathing is hard. Just think of little feet and hands being pushed all up in your lung area. And I am really hot, not to look at, but temperature wise. I can't figure if it's from the internal space heater I'm carrying, the warmer temps outside, or all the stares at our bisbehaving kids. well, I should say bisbehaving boys.

Tyler's punishment for being naughty is to hve to do time on their bed when they get home. I don't think that's scary enough because it certainly didn't stop Brock and Brevin from duking it out a few times. Our tactics for defense in Sacrament meeting usually involve each of us at on end of our space on the pew so we can control the exitting. Today, for most of the meeting, Tyler is on one end with the girls and I have the boys. I don't know if that was further strategy on his part, payback for 5 weeks of church without me, or what, but by a half hour through Brevin and Brock had time to serve on their beds. They can't help touching either other. And heaven forbid a car or crayon get knocked on the floor because the retriever gets stepped upon by the other one. Anyway, I finally took Brock out for a talking to and when we came back I passed him off to Tyler. Before I had a chance to get resettled with Brev, Brock is back at our end. I shoot a look to Tyler like, "I'm so over this!" and told him I need help in keeping the two of them apart, so Tyler obediently moves down in between Brevin and Brock. This is great, but gives Brock total exit access. So what would he do? Yeah, that would be run up onto the stand to run amongst the choir seats with his loud heavy feet for the last five minutes of the meeting. I was so perturbed, but I knew if Tyler went for him he'd be running the opposite way. Anyway, so glad I went today. I haven't missed a beat, I guess.

After church mandatory bed-time turned into naps for all of us and what do I dream about? That would be chasing Brock through the choir chairs at church. I s'pose I was having mid-dream guilt about missing ward choir. I really did intend to go, but having to recuperate from hassling with my boys for 70 minutes took more out of me than I inteneded. Sorry Joe! Really, on so many levels.

We gotta get our house picked up and I have another choir practice tonight for The Savior of the World production in April. Woo-hoo, Leslie I know you're jealous-o about right now :) L8R


Jeannie said...

I have to tell you that as we watched Brock up on the stand, Todd looked at me and said, "Look. She's keeping her cool." I guess that is his round-about way of saying I don't do that (he's right). So props to you because you did keep it so cool.

Donna said...

Were we in the same sacrament meeting? I didn't even notice Brock on the stand today. I must have been too busy controlling my own little group. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who didn't notice! Just remember that he haw breathing they teach you for labor is really for toddlerhood and beyond!

robin said...

Aren't boys fun!

Jerolyn said...

Another reason being inactive isn't SOOOO bad! haha
This was a fun read.