Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Didn't you hear me say . . .

I AM NESTING, MOM!? I do have blogging on my to-do list, but today I am trying to finish Brock's "1st year" scrapbook. Yeah, I know. He's almost 2 1/2, but I figure if I can get his done before el new one shows up, then I can keep up with the milestones of #5. I'm starting to feel a very urgent need to fill all my frames and photo spots with pictures. Isn't that a weird "urgency" feeling?

Last night for family night we talked about being an "organized house." When I told the kids what we'd be talking about Caylee seriously moaned. BUT, we were able to determine our "emergency" meeting spots (as part of the 72 hr. kit trash can plan) and make a list of house hold chores we need to get done with spring cleaning (ie wipe walls, rearrange furniture, go through dressers and closets, etc.). I'm trying to do better about getting rid of stuff, but it goes against my nature to simply toss stuff. Finally, as our "activity" we went through a bunch of boxes we have moved from our apartments in Cedar (twice) to our storage unit, to our first house, and finally to this house. We got rid of all sorts of memorabilia of Tyler's (trophy's, etc.) and found all his school dance pictures and scout stuff. There was a box of letters from who knows who that I'll be going through. He kept wanting to just throw it all away, but I told him it was important the kids knew he had a life before we got married. I was able to part (sadly) with a bunch of teaching stuff. I do want to teach again someday, but I'll probably want new stuff by the time I get going again. (And yes, somebody remind me how much I regretted that train of thought when I ended up pregnant again.)

I've got quite a few posts to make up in the next 21 days, but I have some brewing in my mind, so stay tuned. The next few nights I'll be at the Henderson Pavilion for The Savior of the World performance. Hopefully those of you Vegas-ites can make it to one of the shows; it'll be good. I'm taking my camera to give you some shots of the "pit" where I'll be hanging out singing my little heart out.

Gotta run, Brock has fallen down AGAIN. Trust me, his accidents are a whole 'nother post.


Kara said...

I get into nesting moods too even when I'm not pregnant! Haha! But I know the feeling about just tossing something. I just have to talk myself into doing it..or I just make a HUGE D.I. pile so then I'm not tossing it =)

Are you excited for this week!? I hope the wind stops! See you tonight!

chanel said...

getting rid of my teacher stuff was hard too, but you're so right, we'll want new if we go back anyway.

I LOVE your humor, you just keep on nesting!

Beth said...

Thank you, thank you very much. Good post.

chris jenkins said...

good to see you post. you rock for finding time to post and scrapbook. i think that's amazing. have fun with the savior of the world thing - sorry to say i will be missing it - who knew it would be a hot ticket?

i know what you mean about getting rid of stuff - it is a very hard task for me to do - but doesn't it feel good once you do it?