Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good Karma

This is Erin posting for Sarah, coming to you live from her bedside IN THE HOSPITAL!!! Oh yes people, take one last look at that baby counter on the side of this screen because as of tomorrow (or THIS morning, I should say!) it will no longer be needed. That's right, SARAH'S IN LABOR!!! I will just say that that good karma is a great thing. And, in true Sarah fashion, she does not just have a baby one day. Oh no, she runs a lemonade stand for our cousin Garrett for 3 hours today, goes to a baby shower for her friend, goes to the temple with the fam to perform sealings, AND HAS A BABY. All in a day's work for our Sarah Jane, right???

After her dr's appt the other day when her doctor doled out her pager # to Sarah and told her she'd be happy to meet Sarah at her office at any time this weekend to strip her membranes since she was sooooo close to having this baby, of course Sarah took her up on that offer straight from the temple tonight (as any normal expectant mother of baby #5 would do!) As the rest of us gathered at Pei Wei for dinner Sarah called right after we got there and let us know that rather than meeting us for dinner she was heading home to pack her bag for the hospital. Apparently as her doctor went about the stripping 'o' the membranes she informed Sarah that she must have "had some kickin' contractions during that lemonade stand 'cause you are a gooooooood 4 cm!!!" Well, to that, Sarah said "GAME ON" and here we are! And this girl is contracting all by herself and is at about a 6 with no pitocin. She's actually wishing for some pit since things are not progressing quite as rapidly as hoped for (yes, us Garrard girls are spoiled that way!) but all is good, and we shall keep updating as the morning progresses! And Sarah promises a rundown on the lemonade stand for Garrett and everything else as soon as she delivers a baby and all...

P.S. Sarah does want to add that we made a whopping mind-boggling $2000 at the lemonade stand today. She sends her sincere THANKS to all of her peeps who stopped by and contributed to help support Garrett.


Jenn S. said...

Seriously, was that three zeros or two? Two THOUSAND dollars? That's gotta be a world record!

Leah and Dustin said...

WHAT!!! Can't wait for the update! And seventeen days to spare! Hope all goes well for Sarah and baby!