Wednesday, April 30, 2008

When Life gives you Lemons

I finally published the lemonade stand post, but it's after the birthing notes. I'll post some pics of our peanut later this afternoon. Thanks to Grandma Beth, Briggs and I are off to nap!


Beth said...

Great post, little mama. LOVE the old school picture of the day, too. Yep, who knew, 12 years ago this summer where we'd all be now! You with 5, Erin with 4 and Nate with 2!

The Carino's said...

Hey girl,
Sorry I haven't talked to you sooner. We were in Disneyland when Donna called and said you had had the baby and when we got back, my computer was kaput! Annoying. I hate calling new baby houses because you never know when people might be cathcing a little sleep. I will call soon and I plan on bringing dinner when you run out of other offers. Hope you are all doing well!

Tausha said...

ok-let me tell you-you are one amazing woman! You deserve many many stars in heaven for the service and continued love and support for your family. Garret and his family are lucky to have you! Yea on the healthy baby boy! I love the name Briggs-even though he is a little-I think that he looks like a Briggs. The lemnade post was fabulous and i emjoyed reading about all your stories of success and love. What a awesome number! I know that this a way long post-just haven't talked to you in a long time.
Hope your fam is adjusting well to the new addition. Go take another nap! You deserve it. I just got tired reading about all you have done! :)

robin said...

What the!? I am out of the loop. I just got back from Utah late last night decided to check the blogs and you had your baby!!! Guess I'm off to buy an amazing baby gift. (after my nap)