Monday, April 14, 2008

WHAT have I gotten myself in to?

When Tyler and I went for our ultrasound with this baby, I was really hoping for a girl. Not that I don't love my boys, but I was ready for a change of pace. And by pace, I mean something slower and quieter and less physical. Of course, Tyler thought a third boy would be GREAT, especially because it meant he and his boys would make a golf foursome and on fishing trips they could have two filled boats. Whatever. I don't think in terms of long term activities with my kids. Mostly, I get hung up on what it'll be like when this one turns 2 (which should coincide with Kenzie's starting puberty - JOY!) To really add to my fears, Tyler said (after being pronounced a baby boy), "Just think, Babe, Brock will be able to teach him EVERYTHING he'll know."

Now I love Brock. He cracks me up regularly. He is just as sassy and opinionated as his siblings, but also more defiant and independent than the other three. So, imagine what the visions of this baby are like when I envision the "lessons" Brock will be teaching him.

Lessons like: Food may taste good, but it's always better when you can wear it on your face all day long. And when Mom tries to wipe it off so the other soccer moms don't think your the homeless kid she picked up that morning, run as fast as you can across the field so she has to chase you (especially great when she's 8 months pregnant!)

Or, this lesson: In the morning, when Mom says it's time to get dressed, yell at her "I DO IT!" and then only partially take off your pajamas. It's way fun to make funny faces at her from a distance while she's pleading that you'll come to her to get your clothes on. Again, usually if you run she'll chase you!

And a dangerous lesson: When playing, one of the best things to do is climb up to the top of our brother's bunk, not by using the ladder, but by climbing up the end of the bed. But, be careful that you don't fall off and try to catch yourself with the crook of your arm, cuz that'll leave a nasty bruise. The good news is, as the baby, Mom is more likely to blaim one of your siblings for the accident until you can tell her the real story.

And just for good measure: ALWAYS try to use your sisters' and brothers' stuff. Even their way-too-big bikes. Because even if you fall off and hurt your finger or other extremeties, you're likely to get a lot of attention from Mom. Then, as soon as she's done loving on you and giving you extra treats, you can go right back outside and climb on the bike to do it all over again.


sarah said...

Hey you're 37 weeks tomorrow. how come you haven't had that baby yet? I gave you to go ahead 2 weeks ago! lol.

Doty6strong said...

They say that kids keep ya feelin' young but they make me feel really old and especially after reading your blogs on brock (and he's not even my kid!)At least after his "incidents" you can sit back and enjoy the moment knowing they are gonna make a really great post! Have fun starting over soon !!!!!!

Jenn S. said...

Ahh those eyes! Seriously, I forsee many girls falling in love with those eyes . . . he's adorable!

PS - Glad you got the package - now, all you need is a baby! xoxo

Jeannie said...

Nice to see you are blogging again. I still haven't recovered enough from nightly SOTW stuff to the point that I can blog without guilt (because I should be ironing or cleaning something).

Anyway, I think Brock has just about the cutest face I have ever seen on a kid! It is a good thing they are cute when they get naughty (I have plenty of experience with that).