Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Go Garrett Go!

Are you dreading the increase of temperature coming to town this weekend?
Are you looking for one more thing to do this weekend?
Are you totally curious what's going on with my extended family?

Well, this post is for you!

For those of you wondering what's the status on my cousin, Garrett, I thought I'd keep you in the loop. Garrett is thriving and making big plans to attend an intense therapy center in Carlsbad, California as soon as he can earn the funds to attend. Garrett even has his own website so you can read more about his story and find out info on where he wants to go. I've wanted to link his "Chip In" meter for a while, but haven't (cuz I'm slackin'), but have been SO impressed to check out the status of the growing account. Not only will the money that gets donated be used for Garrett to go to Carlsbad, but could be used to help Garrett get around his OWN town with a wheelchair accessible van for his family. Right now, they're pretty much at the generous mercy of friends who can take Garrett to his local therapy, or anywhere else he wants to go. Anyway, it's a gratifying click to add to his fund, even a few dollars at a time.

For those of you who don't read my cousin, Jerolyn's blog, YOU MUST START! She's hilariously funny, but more than of her other posts, you might be interested in her LEMONADE posts about her family's fund-raising efforts for Garrett. If you're too lazy to browse, the gist of her experience was HOW wonderfully generous RANDOM strangers and FABULOUS friends were at her girls' lemonade stand they held a couple weeks ago. For 50 cents a cup, the Stephens family was able to raise an AMAZING $279.50!!! A few days later (you can read about this on her blog, too) a friend of Jer's sent her a card in the mail with another donation so they've been able to contribute $300.00! Isn't that AWESOME!? I mean, for so many reasons Jerolyn has always been a hero to me, but the way she has championed this effort for Garrett has been really motivating and inspiring.

SO! Erin and I have decided to get on the lemonade band-wagon, so to speak, and try our luck at holding another lemonade stand THIS SATURDAY, April 26th, from 10am until 1pm on the corner of Paradise and Robindale. It will be great to get Garrett's cause out to the drivers'-by and to those who live in our neighborhood. AND SO, let me encourage you, blog-friends, to stop by and refresh yourselves, especially since it's supposed to be really hot this weekend. AND if that doesn't motivate you, let the fact that Erin's making her famous cinnamon rolls to add to the sales opportunities bring you on over to our corner. AND if that doesn't make you want to add a lemonade-stand-stop to your already busy Saturday schedule, let me tell you I didn't make it to Jer's stand and I felt horrible I'd missed such a great opportunity to be a part of something so great, which MIGHT be how you feel if you miss out. I'm just sayin'! I mean, not to pressure you into some serious good will, because if lemonade's not your thing, there's always the "Chip in" icon on my sidebar which we can all use and watch until the effort ends on May 24th. Bottom line, look for Mackenzie, Sydney, Erin, and my big 'ol pregnant self working the Vegas corner this Saturday all for Garrett! I'm not too proud to beg for your help, and none too humble to thank you a million times over for any help you can give!


Doty6strong said...

Oh I am so there!!See ya Saturday.

chris jenkins said...

i think that is awesome :)

Donna said...

We'll definitely stop by! I had already read Jerolyn's blog. It totally brought me to tears. What an awesome way to help your cousin. He's lucky to have such a great family!

chris jenkins said...

p.s. i did a post for you on my blog today :)

Leah and Dustin said...

Fun! We would totally drive ourselves over to your neck of the woods but we're going to be out of town! Hope all goes well at the lemonade stand! Garrett is lucky to call you all family!

Tausha said...

If I only lived in AZ! It will be way to cold here it Ut. I will be thinking of you selling all that lemonade in the heat, while i freeze in the 40's here! Good Luck I think that the pregnant part should get a lot of people to stop, even if it just for the sympathy aspect!