Friday, October 17, 2008

Bringing Our People Together

I'm getting so weary of all the political banter back and forth. I think it's all good and healthy for the whole process, but it is getting a little tiring. I'm grateful for the whole process and that we can all make our voices heard. And I'm grateful for mended fences over differing opinions. I have begun to laugh at some of the absolutely RIDICULOUS political emails and attachments that have been sent my way. I find them ignorant, one-sided, and complete propoganda while others find them to be the truth, but what the heck?! that's part of the process, I s'pose.

I feel I've exercised a bunch of restraint in blurting more of my political views online (which is probably why I have really enjoyed those blogs who have been able to let it rip - thanks for being a bit of my voice.) I have traded emails back and forth and they've been . . . enlightening. Anyway, I know this is all cryptic, so I will just share this photo my mom sent me.

Yes, yes, the world will one day be right again. Just keep the vision in your mind where EVERYONE is willing to reach across the dance floor and boogie like we have no problems.


chris jenkins said...

i hope that the two political sides wake up and realize that they need to work together in order to make progress and effect the changes to dig America out of the slump.

i too have restrained from any political opinion sharing beyond encouragement for people to get out there, be educated about the candidates and the issues, and make the choices they consciously believe will be right for them.

i know for sure we are on different sides politically but I love ya anyway :) and I consider you my people, or as your brother would say, in my fart circle.

chris jenkins said...

p.s. gotta love that photoshop job!

chanel said...

love the pict!!!

MollyE said...

ha, ha, ha love that pic! Thanks for sharing.