Friday, October 17, 2008

A quick minute of satisfaction

This morning, as the girls were headed out the door to school, Brock said, "Bye Cay-yee, I wuv you!" and the door shut. Undeterred from her lack of acknowledgement of his affections, I heard his bare feet pad across the floor to the front door. He pulled the door open and, this time, yelled, "Bye Cay-yee, I WUV YOU!" to which I heard her call, "Bye Brock, I love you too!" and then he shut the door to go about his business.

I have to be honest that most days being a stay-at-home mom feels real mundane. I spend most of my time nagging and harping and refereeing in between the housekeeping and chauffeuring. It's an immense amount of pressure, I think, to be given the responsibilities of raising decent human beings and I've accepted the payoff for all this "work" will mostly come later in life, as my kids are more grown.

But this morning was a feel good moment. It was quick and brief. But I've been feeling warm fuzzies every time I think about it. Maybe it's because the exchange was between Brock and Caylee who can be really difficult or maybe it's because I want my kids to grow up to love their brothers and sister(s) as I love mine. Maybe it's both, but this morning I had a real, genuine sense of accomplishment that if they love each other, then I must be doing something right.

{Now switching gears to something else that gives me satisfaction}
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Kathy said...

That's really adorable and I know exactly what you mean here. I know my girls love each other, but there's something about hearing those words that just warms my heart. That's so cute that Brock was persistent and made sure he knew that Caylee heard him. It seems like as a stay-at-home mom we can go through long periods of time when we feel like there aren't many rewards for our efforts, but when we get them they sure are sweet. Good work, Mommy!!!

Jamie G. said...

I love those little moments too! Marina is constantly yelling at the kids in the morning to say good bye as they walk to the bus stop and won't stop until they have turned around to acknowledge her. Sweet moments!

Beth said...

Knowing your kids love each other is the BEST feeling in the world. I can think of nothing better.

Donna said...

That is the kind of moment that makes being a mom worth it!

I'm working on convincing Jason to take a day off so I can go to ScrapFest!