Friday, October 3, 2008

Mom Survey

•What is something mom always says to you?
Mackenzie: Turn the TV off
Caylee: Pumpkin
Brevin: Don’t touch Brock
Brock: Get on your bed.

•What makes mom happy?
Mackenzie: When Brevin says that you’re pretty and when we do our chores.
Caylee: Every single child doing their chore
Brevin: Just not talk to her so she can relax
Brock: Uh, keen up.

•What makes mom sad?
Mackenzie: If we get lower than a B on our progress report
Caylee: When you’re pushing on her baby
Brevin: If somebody hits you.
Brock: Um, not keen up.

• How does mom make you laugh?
Mackenzie: By joking round with me when I’m mad
Caylee: By tickling me
Brevin: When you tickle me.
Brock: When you chase me

• What was mom like as a kid?
Mackenzie: Different than me and a lot less selfish than I am.
Caylee: She had brown curly hair and I’m guessing a church dress on.
Brevin: You were a nice kid.
Brock: Ride a bike

• How old is mom?
Mackenzie: 31
Caylee: 31
Brevin: 8, 19
Brock: [holds up 4 fingers]

• How tall is mom?
Mackenzie: 5’9
Caylee: About 60 inches
Brevin: big
Brock: big

• What is mom's favorite thing to do?
Mackenzie: Scrapbook and read
Caylee: Watch TV
Brevin: Relax and take naps
Brock: Color

• What does mom do when you're not home?
Mackenzie: You watch TV and clean
Caylee: I’m guessing taking a nap cuz you love to take naps
Brevin: You just hang out.
Brock: Um, I miss you.

• If mom were famous, what would she be famous for?
Mackenzie: Winning the Nobel Peace Prize or writing a best-selling book.
Caylee: I’m guessing a movie star
Brevin: To love
Brock: Um, go home. (huh?!)

• What is mom really good at?
Mackenzie: You’re good at reading and guessing the mole.
Caylee: Watching TV and taking care of Briggs
Brevin: She’s really good at tickling and scratching my back.
Brock: Playing soccer

• What does mom do for her job?
Mackenzie: Babysit, pretty much
Caylee: She does cleaning
Brevin: To help people when they’re sick.
Brock: Color

• What is mom's favorite food?
Mackenzie: You like seafood
Caylee: Shrimp
Brevin: Potatoes and tomatoes
Brock: Juice

• What makes you proud of your mom?
Mackenzie: That you actually make us do our chores and you help me with my homework and you’re not mean a lot of the time (98% of the time you’re not mean)
Caylee: When your nice
Brevin: That she loves me
Brock: When we go somewhere out.

• If mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?
Mackenzie: Betty Boop
Caylee: Um, Dora
Brevin: I don’t know. Not Barbie.
Brock: Spiderman

• What do you and mom like to do together?
Mackenzie: Cuddle
Caylee: Play a game
Brevin: I like to hang out with you and sometimes watch the news.
Brock: Tickle

• How are you and mom the same?
Mackenzie: We look a like and we both like to read
Caylee: Same eye color
Brevin: We’re both nice and we like to share with each other.
Brock: You have like my foot. (We both have feet.)

• How are you and mom different?
Mackenzie: She wears make-up and I don’t
Caylee: You have a bigger head and I have a small head
Brevin: I’m a boy and you’re a girl.
Brock: Because I standing and you sitting in the chair.

• How do you know mom loves you?
Mackenzie: Because you say it a lot of the times, like when we have an argument before school and then you drop me off, you always say, “I love you.”
Caylee: Because I am sweet and nice and she tells me what to do.
Brevin: Because we kill all the time.
Brock: Because you love me. You just do.

• What time do your kids wake up? Brevin and Brock wake up right around 7am and Caylee and Briggs wake shortly after. We always have to go wake up Mackenzie by 7:30am and even then it’s a fight.

• On a good night, what time do your kids go to sleep? 8pm. Sharp. I countdown until that sweet hour.

• How long have you been a mom? 9 ½ years.

• How old were you when you became a mom? a month shy of one month

• What is your favorite kid's show? I enjoy . . . okay, I can’t really think of one.

• What is your least favorite kid's show? Pretty much all of them annoy me.

• Favorite meal to cook? Probably potato cheese soup. It starts with a roux, which is pretty much as savvy as I can get in the kitchen and it makes a lot and is GOOD!

•What's the meal cooked most often? Grilled cheese.

•What is the kids' favorite meal? Baked spaghetti

• What are you favorite things that your husband does with your kids? Takes them all camping; takes them and their friends for treats at Sonic; daddy-daughter dates; plays sports with them.

• What are 5 things that make you smile while being a mom? 1) All their funny-isms 2) When Caylee and Mackenzie read to each other and to the boys 3) Watching the kids fight over who gets to kneel next to Tyler at family prayer 4) A clean house 5) When all the kids play together.

• Where do you want to take your kids some day? To France, to Hawaii, on a Disney cruise, a church history trip, NYC, Washington DC, etc., etc., etc.

•When was the last time you and your husband did something without the kids? Last weekend we went to Olive Garden for the never-ending pasta bowl.

• One thing you said you'd never do as a mom? Go on and on and on when I’m mad. I can see that glazed-over look that means they have tuned me out and they are getting irritated with me.

• Favorite past time with your kids? Going to Disneyland.

• Advice for a new mom: You can’t love them too much, even when mommy-hood is hard on you.

• When was the last time your kids said "I love you"? Yesterday when the girls went to Grandma Dodie’s and this morning when the boys and I were hanging around the house.

I challenge you all to try and do this. It makes for an interesting evening and conversation with each of your children. So if you are reading, consider yourself TAGGED!!


chris jenkins said...

i loved that you did this. you are the only one i know of that has so far. loved reading the answers - can definitely see your kids' personalities shining through.

take care and and have a good weekend :)

Jeannie said...

I might have to do this although I am slightly fearful of what my kids might say. Brock's answers made me laugh, especially the one about how you are different.

chanel said...

soooooo GREAT! Loved reading this! your kids are very funny.

chanel said...

ok just caught up on everything else, glad the men in your home are all better and way to go working out! i suggest Biggest Looser for motivation.
loved your college post too- soooo lucky to have had such amazing friends and memories!

Karen said...

Just imagine what my kids would say! Love your blog, I can only begin to aspire to it but you were right I am getting slightly addicted.

Donna said...

That was so fun, Sarah. I did it on my blog, too!

The Fatman said...

OK that was awesome but I am gonna skip the tag ok?

Sarah said...

Great post. It's funny to see all their personalities come out. So cute.

Jenn S. said...

I love this! I definitely want to try to do this with Savannah.