Friday, May 9, 2008


One of the best parts about having a new baby is smelling him. I love the freshly bathed smell and the smell of his breath (it smells like static electricity to me) the most. Pretty much at this phase I think his poop don't stink, either (which it really doesn't since he's just nursing.) Anyway, since we're just in the sponge bath phase I thought I'd capture these sweet moments from Monday night. Briggs had to get all sweet and clean to go to Aunt Erin's for the Bachelor party. (Yes, even after childbirth I have to keep my priorities straight!)
Here's Briggs pre-bath. He's just angry that he's not eating. This is a common look when he's awake and not hookin' up to mom.

I really do NOT like cradle cap. I understand it happens sometimes, but I fully scrub my kids' heads with a baby brush to keep the dead skin off their sweet scalps.

And here's the post-bath buzz. After getting all worked up, bathtime ends up in the calm and peace that I REALLY love. THEN, I start to sniff and suck up his glorious-ness all over again!

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Ditto, on the newborn smell!! Ooooh, I love that!

Jerolyn said...

I didn't know static electricity had a smell??? He is a cutie pie though...and do love me a good baby whiff too!

Kourtney said...

Oohh I love the baby smell too! He looks so precious!

Erin said...

Static electricity?!!! His breath? 'Kay, that's weird. I'm all about the baby smell, but wouldn't ever place it with static electricity...but whatever. And as far as their poo not smelling when they're nursing...hmmm, I don't buy it. Remember buttered popcorn???

Joy said...

Sarah - he is just beautiful! I love the new photos. Congratulations all over again and I'm so glad you're soaking up every minute.

The Hulls said...

Briggs, you are such a beauty! Kind of makes me want a tiny one, but then I remember the lack of sleep and energy during those times. Still worth it though:) I can't believe Cheyenne's almost one, it seems like just a few months ago you were visiting me with my newborn. Give him some huggs and kisses for me, he is soo darling!