Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mother Load

I was feeling all bad that I hadn't posted much about mother's day, but at the same time found solace in the fact that Erin hadn't posted either. Then my more-on-the-ball sister posted yesterday about her mother's day and I figured I needed to step it up and actually post the pictures I uploaded over a week ago.

I have to admit I was a little hormonal about this Mother's Day. I was really afraid Tyler was going to blow it and not make it into much of a big deal (WHICH was completely unfounded since he has always done well with Mother's Day for me.) I think, since just having el numero 5, I just wanted to be recognized for the extraordinary feat of surviving. There wasn't much on my "want" list for gifts, other than to be praised for being freaking amazing because my head had not actually exploded off my shoulders in one of my many moments of overwhelm.

Of course, Sunday proved to be just wonderful. I probably gritch too much about my kids so that the general public thinks I don't really like them too much, but I do love them a ton and it really warms my heart to have them tell me that they do love me (even though I am "SOO mean" so much of the time.) Here's some of the lovely treasures I received from them this year:

A cute candle holder from Caylee. Normally school crafts don't make it too long in our house, but I did really like this one. It looks great with my other knick-knacks above my cupboards. I can't really figure out if lighting a candle would make the adhesive melt the flowers off the glass. It's definitely a look-at kind of gift to avoid any of that kind of catastrophe.

A cute key chain from Brevin, hand-colored, thank you very much. And Tyler just thought my keys were bulky before!

Mackenzie is about as crafty as they come in 8 (almost 9) year olds. She made me this darling card and a scrap-booky framed picture that she made at Activity Days. It was really cute, a-la Becky Higgins style. One of these days I will actually scrap with her cuz I think she'd really get into it with me.

Here's why I love being a mom:

Because I get to listen to Brock's sound effects all day long. And we have good, in-depth conversations about Spiderman and the state of his diaper (which, according to him, is never poopy, just a "lil bit wet").

Because I get to still cuddle with Brevin when he gets all broody and moody. I'm teaching him the fine art of NOT SASSING his mother and he's teaching me that "FINE" really means, "Just stop lecturing me and I'll stop doing whatever you told me not to do." And even though he gets mad at me when I pick him up from his playdates, he told me he still does love me.

Because I get to witness my little 6 year old act like she's a teenager and then tell/show her a NICER way of acting like a grown-up. I love Caylee's spunk and passion (as trying as it may sometimes be) and have enjoyed seeing her mature and understand more complex dynamics of our family relationships.

Because she started it all, Mackenzie carries a lot of responsibility and I can really relate to her "trials" and "afflictions". She keeps me on my academic toes by asking us all sorts of questions and I am grateful she's such an obedient, responsible little girl (who's growing so fast and getting progressively hormonal - oh joy!)

And because someone has to be the end, I love Briggs for being the sweetest (hungriest) lil peanut of them all. He's got a strong spirit and an opinion already. Let's face it, that's how they're sent to us, and for that I'm grateful, too. It means I'll be learning and growing more than I thought possible. All thanks to being a mom of these 5 darlings.

So, thanks to Tyler for the wonderful day complete with breakfast, tulips, kid gifts, a gift card to Barnes and Noble, and new cordless phones. More importantly, though, was being appreciated and recognized for being alive and there for my kids. Me and my brood got somethin' special for sure!

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Erin said...

Briggs is the end...yeah, right!!! In another couple of Mother's Days you'll have #6 bringin' up the rear! And it will be good times all over again! Remember how you mentioned that you are Super Woman??? I do have to say, that picture of you with all your kidlets is quite the brood. You go girl!

Beth said...

Nice post. Good mother. Great daughter. Super wife. All in all, pretty darn good person!


What cute kids you have! My #5 is extremely opinionated, too. I thought that it was the red hair, but maybe it's just a #5 thing...hee hee! You look great!

Lori said...

Hey there,
I guess you are stuck with me for ths swap. Who knew Tausha knew other people in Vegas! Let me know if there are any favorite things you would like included in your box. Oh, and congrats on the new baby - very fun!