Friday, May 9, 2008

Fun baby things

Since this post is titled "Fun" baby things, I won't write how stinkin' tired I am today. Not that we had a particularly bad night, but I think getting such sporadic sleep catches up to me every few days or so. This week I am trying to keep up with all the normal stuff of mom-hood. We'll see how that will go; hopefully I won't lose it too bad too many times. Saturday was Caylee's birthday, Sunday was, of course, Mother's Day, yesterday we had a family party for all the Barlow May birthdays, and today's Kenzie's birthday. Those posts are next on may agend-er, but first I wanted to share a few pics from last week:
Since we were SOOO done having kids, I sold our cute crib bedding set at one of our garage sales (or maybe I donated it or something). When my girlfriends gave me a fab Target gift card I took Mackenzie to the store to pick out some new bedding. Since I decided to put the crib in the girls' room (easier for naps and less likely that THEY'LL climb into the crib compared to the risk of Brock bedding-in with the baby) Kenzie was concerned the bedding not be too boy-ish. So, she picked out this cute pastel-y set. Once I found the screws to the crib I was finally able to finish putting it together. YES, I put together the crib. I've done it 4 out of the 5 times we've set it up. I would think that would be a husband job, but I get too antsy to wait for Tyler's time table and end up always doing it (and book shelves, and painting, and rearranging furniture, and cleaning out the garage, etc.) Anyway, Briggs has yet to nap in the bed, but it's ready for him nonetheless.

AND, if you thought I was kidding about the super-dooper-cool packages we get from the Petersens in Cedar City (ie, Caffeine-Free Mountain Dew), then you gotta be impressed with these items we pulled out of the old mailbox last week.

Yes, that would be custom made onesies with the #5 All-Star BRIGGS printed onto them. Isn't that about the cutest idea EVER? I mean, we've gotten some darling baby gifts (of which I am VERY grateful and am REALLY trying to get thank you cards written and actually SENT!), but these are one of my faves. Since it's a little cool and breezy today Briggs is wearing one of them today, and I think I will be keeping the other one as a keepsake. Beyond the cute-ness of the onesies, though, was the newsletter the Petersens also sent. Click on this picture below and you can read it better. Seriously, John and Amy are a couple of the most clever people I have EVER met and I just love 'em to bits! Thanks, guys!
Have a great day!


Kathy said...

That newspaper is so darn cute!!
Your friends are very clever. Love the onesies too.

sarah said...

I love those onesies!!!!!! THat's the cutest idea!

Beth said...

Those Peterson's are something! Cute and adorable onsies and news letter.

Babs said...

Wow! Go Peterson's. And lucky to you. Don't ya just love having fun friends! They totally remind me of my Mom and Dad. It seems like they write funny little ditty's for gifts and such all the time. Makes for good memories.

Jenn S. said...

Adorable! Love it. :)