Friday, May 30, 2008

Birthday Girls!

I'm noticing the toll five kids is having on me in the little ways. Like, losing track of time. Yesterday I was at the post office mailing some stuff and I say a sign explaining postage going up as of May 12th and I honestly thought, "Oh, I better hurry and use up my stamps before May 12th." UHHHH, it was way past May 12th. Guess that ship has sailed. Another sign, I keep forgetting to bust out my camera on important dates, like MACKENZIE's actual birthday. Yes, yes, my girls turned a year older right around the time the postage rates increased and I documented Caylee's day, but neglected Kenzie's on the 13th. In my defense and to Kenzie's chagrin, we didn't do much for Kenz's 9th birthday. I had warned her that not every year was going to be a par-tay. She was a really good sport and as I was running out the door for a meeting on her birthday I gave her her birthday presents in a super fancy Wal-Mart bag. And I totally pulled a "Mom" the next day when I had to ask her if I'd given her the i-tunes card I had gotten her. When she told me I hadn't, I had to go track it down (it was in my purse.)
So, Caylee's birthday on the 10th was pretty low key, too. We had dance rehearsal that morning, but before we left Kenzie gave this jewel to Caylee. She has quite the Troy fixation, so the happiness is legit. (Notice how intently Tyler is watching the REALITY TV . . . j/k, he was totally channel surfing.)

Later that night we took Caylee to Red Robin with her friend, Kimbre at the Galleria mall. Grandma and Grandpa Garrard joined us and after a yummy meal, Caylee got her ears pierced. She was SUCH a trooper, not even flinching. I flinched plenty myself at the teenage PREGNANT worker at Claire's who's 6 month belly was totally sticking out of her shirt and pants. Nice.

Monday (between the girls b-days) and on Caitlyn's actual 3rd b-day we celebrated with the Barlow side at Jared and Mindie's. I owe Mindie a HUGE thanks since we totally ended up at their house after being blown out of the park with some insane winds we had. The Freed's cake was totally the highlight for me, but the girls enjoyed their presents from aunts and uncles and cousins. It was really a nice night with the family.

*Insert pics of Kenzie's birthday on Thursday here.*

The following Monday we partied one more time with the other May celebrants (Zoee and Gus) at Erin's. The weather had turned wicked-summer-Vegas hot, so the kids frolicked in the sprinklers and blow-up pools while the adults sat inside and listened to Mom tell us how hot her office was that day (I KNOW it was 87 degrees hot and Mom, you should totally gripe about that . . . over and over.) Fun was had by all and the cake was DARLING that Stacy made.

SO, all and all, my girls are another year older and better and beautiful and I love 'em to bits.


chris jenkins said...

fun stuff. the excitement on Caylee's face is just priceless!

Jerolyn said...

Ohh Troy Bolton is very deamy to little girls isn't he....!

The Carino's said...

Bet she can't wait for the new High School Musical 3 movie. I know Anabelle is talking about it and I don't think it is even done filming yet. Gotta love those Disney Channel promos! : )

Tausha said...

so glad to know that I am not the only one in the mom club-the club that doesn't fuss over every childs birthday. there are too many birthdays and way too much stress. The cakes are darling. The poster of Zac-My girls would so love that-where did you pick that little baby up? the reaction from the girls in the pic-so could be recreated at my house-so share your info. You are one great mom with many great talents and you inspire me to be better! You rock and I am thrilled that i stumbled upon your blog. Have a Fantastic Night! Ps don't you wish that you could have a poster made up of you and your girls would be as excited as they were for zac?

Erin said...

That picture of Caylee right there is exactly why I LOVE that girl!!! She gets so genuinely excited about so many things, I love it! Granted, to go along with her high highs, the girl can throw down some serious meltdowns, but still...I love how excited she gets! And don't feel bad about no pics on Kenzie's b-day. After all, I don't think there are pictures of all of our childhood b-days and we turned out okay, right?