Friday, May 23, 2008

This is Dedicated to One Friend I Love!

When I was in high school I had three very best friends (well, four if you count [my sister] Erin, but that sometimes depended on what clothes she would let me borrow). I met Leanne my freshman year in English class and she convinced me to try out for choir for my sophomore year. That's where I met Jill and Heather. Pretty much by the end of 10th grade we were pretty tight and pert-near inseperable our junior and senior year. I would love to say we never fought or had drama, but HELLO! we were four high school girls and so there were some bumps in the road (mostly due to stupid boys), but for the most part we were as close as they come. I feel very blessed to have maintained relationships with Nan, Jill, and Heather for the 15 + years since we first met. And today, Jill turns 31. I've been telling Jill (since she's the only one of us without a blog) that I'd dedicate a post to her since I know she's a lurker, and today's totally fitting seeing as it's her birthday and all. [Just FYI, Heather turned 31 in March, so this is another shout out to her, too, and one to Nan who will be 31 shortly before me in June.] Last weekend we celebrated the retirement of our choir teacher from Chaparral and the get-together has gotten me pretty sentimental (or maybe it's the hormones), so I HAD to bust out the scanner to really celebrate Jill's birthday in style! Happy Birthday JILL!
Here's Leanne, me, and Jill NOW (Heather's all ready to give birth to #4, so she was stuck up in Utah and missed the party. We really missed hanging out with her!)

And here's some of me and Jill (and others) THEN:

For one of my birthdays I got photo frame with pictures of the four of us. Some of the pictures were silly, some were posed, and this one is uber-serious.

This was on a choir trip our junior year. I want to say we were touring through Utah. Funny how I seem to remember more about hanging out with them more than the choir stuff.

Jill and I at prom our Junior year. Our dresses were similar, but not identical. Interestingly, they look a lot like our Expression dresses from our senior year.

Some random shot in the choir room (our junior year, I think) with Erin. BTW, Erin and I were wearing each other's shirts, so I think we were friends on this day.

For some reason Leanne, Jill, and Tiffany (another BFF) came to our house one Sunday after church. I can't remember why, but I do remember we had plums and Leanne was FEASTING on them. My mom was always good to grab the camera and take pictures of us hanging out, so it's fun to have a good collection of just hanging out.

The second year of college I was supposed to room with Heather and Jill and three other BEST friends I had made freshman year at BYU. I ended up getting married instead. It seriously is one of the bummer-things about getting married so early. I know I missed out on some good times at the Riv, but it was always fun to visit (this is with Moana, Nancee, Jenn, and Miss Molly in the spring of 1997 when I came up for a golf tournament of Tyler's, I think.)

K, and here are my peeps. These are my closest friends from high school and college all in one place at my bridal shower in Dec. of 1996.

And yes, Jill caught the bouquet at my wedding reception.

I love ya Jill! So glad we've stayed close and you've been such a great ear and support over all these years. Have a great 31st year!


Beth said...

Great pictures of great friends. Hard to believe it's been 15+ years since they came into your life. Good times. Happy birthday, Jill.

Nan said...

I miss Jill:( I thought about her all day on the 23rd:) I'm so glad I got to see her at the choir thing, thanks for convincing her to go. She is still as cute as ever. Happy Birthday Jill! I love you.

chicajill said...

You are in trouble! Just kidding. Thanks for the post. It's nice to be remembered! You are the best. Thanks for letting me lurk on your blog. :)


Those are nice pictures! I always looked up to you guys and sorta wished I could more a part of your little group! It's fun to see how everyone has grown up.

Happy Birthday Jill!!

Jenn S. said...

Happy Birthday Jill!!!

Why or why does Jill not have a blog?

Funny pictures - I remember the framed montage you had of all ya'll in your fancy church dresses - so cute!

Fox Force Forever

Tausha said...

How fun! I wish that I had a bunch of pics of my bff in high shcool! I also wisht that we were as close as you and your friends. One out of five is not very good odds. You just reminded me about how important it is to pick up the phone-I think I will do just that.
ALso-check your email-I have all the info on the swap in there. Don't worry-she is not crafty-you will both be perfect for each other.
i wanted to quickly say that your family is darling and you are one great mom-5 kids under 9-you should be getting a pkg once a week just so you can know how much me- a total stranger appreciates all that you do for your kids-so i can see that you can do it happily-so can I. You rock Sarah in Vegas. Glad to know you! Come on by and say Hi-whenever you get a spare second! :) have a great day!

Chris and Heather Rice said...

Loved the pictures! I feel so lucky that I got to have a year as your roommate and a year as Jill's roommate. Good times! 31...what did that happen? Love you both!-Heather

Troy and Nancee said...

Happy Birthday to Jill and all the rest of you. I've just spent the last 1/2 hour catching up with your blog Sarah. Briggs is SOOO cute. What a wonderful family. I can't believe you survivied 5 labors. I thought 1 was going to kill me.

Jen Rose said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILLY! Jill and I had our first ice cream cone together when we were like 2. I love that girl! Thanks for sharing pictures....high school ones always make me crack up! You all are so adorable!

Dylan said...

Happy birthday, Jill.

Sharp said...

Hi Sarah-- I have to fess up: I stalk your blog all the time! :) I'm friends with Barb and next-door-neighbors with Jill, so I know a lot about you, even though we've never met! :) I really enjoy your blog and your cute family. Just wanted to say hello, and I love all the old-school pics of Jill!
Karen Sharp