Thursday, June 7, 2007

Living through my kids

Alright SUCKAS (aka my brothers and sisters), I am proud to announce Mackenzie tested in the 98th percentile for the GATE program and has been accepted for next year's curriculum. So, despite my angst and reservations about my sweet daughter being REJECTED as I was so long ago, but I should have known better. Of course she aced the testing and will be in GATE next year. I am sure I will be groaning and bemoaning the extra work and projects, but nonetheless I feel VALIDATED (said with a song in my voice!) I really do hope my kids are as smart as my brothers and sister who were never denied. But, really, again, I am not bitter.

We've had a productive morning with a meeting, a visit to the park, lunch with Dad, and a stop by the post office. Nothing like go, go, go that says nap, nap, nap, so the kids are all asleep. I indulged in a power nap when Brock went down and now I am enjoying the DVRd "So You Think You Can Dance?" I love that show. Most of those who have known me for a while know that I have claimed (once, in a weak moment of humor mixed with sincerity) that I was "born to dance." I think I need to qualify that statement. In my mind, I was born to dance, however, I cannot make my body do half that crazy stuff they do in those dances. LET ALONE, general dance moves that require moving more than one body part at a time. This became alarmingly clear last night as I did the dishes from dinner. I blasted Caylee's Ashley Tisdale CD so the kids could have a little dance party and stay out of my hair. I am watching them watch themselves in the reflection of the TV and I am thinking, I'll just go show them how it's really done, since, ya know, I was born to dance. Yeah, apparantly not so much. I look a fool. I look like a mom dancing with her far more coordinated children. Again, living through them.

As an independent adult, though, I ordered a new printer last night. I splurged on the 12x12 photosmart I've been perusing. I am excited for the free 5-7 day shipping. Then, I will get some serious scrapbooking done. Yeah, that's right, it's all my printers fault.

Ope, nap time's over, gotta run.


The Fatman said...

I could have sworn you used to be in the dance team at school and you did have relitively good skills. But of course that is ball room dancing and all. Now we should go dancing and totally get down. I can totally see you doing the Shakira Hips don't Lie Dance!!!

Beth said...

It sounds like today is a much better day than yesterday was. I relate, because deep down, I mean DEEP down, I'm a dancer. I'm also a singer. Deep down. Deep down, I'm so many things I'm not on the surface.

Jerolyn said...
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Jerolyn said...

I could be on
'So you think you can dance like an idiot?'

Molly said...

I totally know what you mean that you were "born to dance." That's how I feel. I love dancing and watching dancing, but I totally stink! TOTAL white girl fo sho! :)