Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The motherload

I know! I know! I have been slacking in the blog department. I am so addicted to reading everyone else's blogs that I find when I do sit down to finally post I am too caught up in everyone else's lives. But, I promise, this is a doosey of a post. Long, wordy, pictures, and even a slideshow. Oh yes, fans, it's the motherload of a post. Feel free to skim, skip, or read in increments, because I am feeling blog-ful this afternoon. I have actually uploaded and planned this post for (going on) four or five days now. In fact, yesterday I had my afternoon all planned out to blog when my girlfriend called and we ended up having a playdate instead. Can't fault me for that one. Anyway, here's how I distract my kids so I can indulge in some play time on the computer:

My friend Angela (I think I have already mentioned this) has refinished our table. (We're picking it up tonight.) The space in the dining room has left a perfect tent spot and I decided Caylee and Brevin could entertain themselves while I got online. They did entertain themselves with the "compound," but I had to keep intervening since Caylee is, like, dictator-o-the-tent. Poor Brevin only got to pick where their patio furniture (a blow up chair) got to go, and even then Caylee was concerned he's picked a muddy spot. What? It's the entry way, and I know it needed to be mopped, but I am thinking her imagination is a little controlling and she was bugged he didn't put the chair in the living room like she suggested. Once they got to playing, I decided I would prep my floors to mop and finish all the laundry I had going on. That pretty much took up the afternoon, THUS no blog yesterday.

But, about the weekend. I would rank it as a successful one, as weekends go. Usually I panic and worry and fret over Father's Day, but by Saturday I was feeling confident it would be a decent one for my dad and for Tyler. (I know, kinda last minute to feel good about events happening the next day, but whatev.) Sunday morning I got up early and picked up the kitchen. Since Tyler's not a huge breakfast fan, we had scrambled eggs and peach and cherry danishes. I did splurge and buy a gallon of chocolate milk and some Naked Orange/Mango juice (two of his faves), but knew we needed to keep it simple for Sunday with church at 9am. And, we were actually on time. The kids were a huge help and Caylee had only one breakdown, so we were able to get a pew, not forget the church bag, and I had my hair AND make-up done before we got to church. AND, my kids were good (by my standards) in church. Brock didn't swing from the hymnal boxes, Brevin's car noises were minimal, and nobody screamed over coloring books and crayons. The secret? I packed the church bag with better snacks. Usually it's Tyler's job, but because of Father's Day I loaded it up and the kids spent sacrament meeting . . . listening? right. Because Brock is the only one young enough for treats (our cut off is Sunbeam entrance) the kids spent the 70 minutes convincing Brock to put the treats in their mouthes. That way they wouldn't be scolded because Brock was sharing. I think we looked like a row of guppies with our kids sending telepathic messages to Brock, who held the baggie, while their mouthes were open and their eyes were shifting from Brock to me to make sure they wouldn't get in trouble for his generosity. It was kinda funny, and not once did we look at each other and think, "Why are we here?" Such a great Father's Day gift to me! Here's breakfast:

Another bonus for me was Tyler actually liked his gift. This was actually gift #2 as Tyler gifted himself a new fishing rod from ebay earlier in the week. When he broke the "funny thing happened today" news to me on Monday, he explained he would use it as his Father's Day gift. I was kinda bugged and finally told him for once I had an idea for a gift and I was gonna buy it for him regardless and if he didn't like it I would give him the receipt. Woot Woot to my mamma for teaching me that gifts with receipts ROCK. The pressure is off on whether he'll like it or not, it is the thought and the action that counted, and if he doesn't like it he can take it back and use the credit for something else that he WOULD like. However, I was pleased that he liked the waterproof digital camera he got. I did my research and everything and he was pretty stoked to figure a way to attach it to his fishing vest. AND, David and I got my dad XM radio for his car. My dad is THE hardest person to shop for (actually tied with my mother-in-law) because if he wants it, he buys it for himself. So, I prepped him that he didn't know he wanted it yet, but when he got the gift he would all of a sudden maybe want it. Either way, I HAD THE RECEIPT. But, Dad actually said he would keep it and try it out. His beloved oldie station got changed to "The Party" and he's not a huge partier, so I am sure he can find something he'll like in the satellite world.

Before we did the Grandpa tour, we had lunch and naps after church. Tyler had to cook his own steak, because, well he's better at it. Another thing he's better at . . . picking the steaks. I have to say I loved the flavor of the steaks Tyler seasoned and cooked so well, but not so much the non-stop chewing because they were so bad. We tossed one complete steak, and ate half of the other three. Oh well, the corn on the cob and potatoes were yummy. Tyler got his dad a cow-hide double gun holster. Oh yeah, I can feel the jealousy oozing through the moniters now. Actually, Bruce has been looking for something like that for a while now, so Tyler gave it to him a couple weeks ago. Luckily Bruce liked it. No receipt for that baby.
Of course, the weekend was ALSO fabulous because Nate and Stacy were sealed (with Zoee) in the temple Saturday afternoon. It was just beautiful and I boobed through the whole thing. I think it's neat to be a witness to something like that when the ones you love are getting something they have waited for, and have wanted, and makes them happy regardless of the situation. I believe families ARE forever and that sealing solidifies that bond of marriage and families and we get Stacy and their kids forever in our family and to her family, too, and it's just wonderful. We did pictures after, here's some of the photos I took:

(L-R: me, Nate (really happy about the picture thing), Erin (REALLY happy about the picture thing, and Mike)

Alright. I love this one because the girl is letting it go. No, she does not want to pose for one more picture and if someone else takes her bink one more time she's really gonna let it fly! Zoee was darling in the dress me mom and mom-in-law made for her. She's so stinkin' sweet anyway, but she was pert-near angelic in the white. I love her to pieces.

And the happy family. You can't really see, but there are actually 3.5 of them. Stacy's having another baby and I am so excited. Babies, babies, babies, and none of them are mine. Love it!
Anyhow, so that was the weekend. In other news, I am prepping for the big 3-0 this Friday. I don't know I thought 30 would feel like, but I still feel 20-ish. The math isn't adding up the older my kids get and other relatives, so I know I am older. I asked my girls if they thought 30 was old and Kenzie told me I didn't look old and I didn't have wrinkles, so 30 must not be that bad. Yeah, she's my favorite right now. JUST KIDDING (sorta) I don't have a favorite (usually).
I leave for girl's camp this coming Monday and am gradually starting to wrap my brain around that. I am starting to cross of my list the things I have procrastinated, and, of course, get wild hairs to start other projects . . .like defrost the outside freezer and finish our ward scrapbook project, etc. I have been out of the loop this year, so I am not even sure what to totally expect. Youth conference was my assignment this year, so I am figuring I'll just show up and do what they ask. I love Kolob (where we camp) and look forward to the week. Did I mention no kids? Kinda looking forward to that too. My mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and mom are lifesavers for watching the kids while Tyler works. I can't say how much I appreciate them helping out year after year when Tyler realizes he can't take off the time due to all his fishing expeditions. And, this year, we're leaving for two weeks to France, so he REALLY needs to work. Anyway, they're great and I appreciate them stepping in to play mom.
Alrighty, gonna post now. Thanks for all the great comments, by the way. They're such a bonus and I appreciate the love, advice, laughter, etc. Phew, hope you got your fill. OH! One more thing. Here's the montage I made for Tyler for Father's Day. Yes, I know it's long, but it's not like there's super good TV on this summer. Enjoy!


Molly said...

That was quite the motherload! :) I love it! I'm so happy for Nate and Stacy too, totally wish I could've been there!

chris jenkins said...

wow - that was quite the post. i admit i kept checking your blog periodically throughout the past few days to see if you posted something yet - it's been like since friday - geesh you make us all wait!

you are good to take all those pictures. i didn't take one picture of any of the family goings on. i have become completely awful at that. i feel so bad! i love that you and Erin post pictures of the goings on - you keep reminding me that i need to do that.

thanks for the whole blog-ful and i'm thinking i am going to bug you and Barb really soon about some home-deco advice - my family room needs some help

again congrats to Nate and Stacy both on the temple and the new one on the way!

Beth said...

Holy Post! What a good thing you did. OK,totally made me bawl watching the video montage. Maybe it's the music. But, I think it's Tyler. I really love him! Anyway, great post. Gotta go feed Mike.

Erin said...

Holy freaking video!!! Okay, that was long...way cute, though. You're good to have so many pictures of Tyler. I don't even think I've got close to that many of Kevin! Fun, fun. That brought back tons of memories, though. And now I'm thinking Brooklyn looks a bit like Caylee's baby pictures. Thanks for [finally] posting!

Stac said...

oh good thing you posted. I was getting anxious and the shout out on my blog for those to post was meant for you mostly. Thanks for fulfilling my needs.

Jerolyn said...

wow that was great and bonus since I got high speed today I was able to watch all your video montages!!! I've been sitting here for like...well a long time! Love it, Tylers a lucky guy!`jer

Kourtney said...

It's about darn time girl! It sounds like Tyler had a great Father's Day. Frankie and my dad are so hard to shop for too. But I think I did good this year. Isn't it a good feeling?!
The pictures from the sealing are so funny- everyone's expressions. Zoee looked absolutely adorable!
Well, I can't wait for your big birthday shindig on Friday!

The Fatman said...

Holy huge post batman it almost makes up for the huge amount of time it took you to post that bad boy. I actually have to give you props on the music of the slide show it was almost perfect except that I turned 30 while watching it LOL. Just kidding it was great I am looking forward to a few posts before you leave for what is gonna seem like forever!!