Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Big 'Ol Family Campout

I haven't really added my commentary on the campout, and since it was last weekend, and everyone else in the family wrote about it, I could just say "ditto." But, here's a few of my tidbits to add to the other reviews:

*So great having all the family get together. The Christmas cousin party doesn't really cut it, and it's always great when there are occasions throughout the year to get together in between (weddings, blessings, etc.) Thanks, from our family, too, to Dustin and Leah who organized and reserved the campsite and dealt with the dork of a camphost who OBVIOUSLY didn't like anyone in our group but Dustin and Leah.

*One of my favorite things in life is to hear the laughter of my family. Yes, yes, sometimes it's from naughty jokes and sticking one's finger across the lip of another, but still it's one of the happiest things in my life. I have vivid memories of being small and listening to my parents and aunts and uncles staying up late talking and laughing as I fell asleep on a pillow on the floor of one of their family rooms. Saturday afternoon, when I took a nap with Brevin and Brock, I was taken back to that child's-place as I fell asleep to the outbursts of the conversations of those who were still gathered around the picnic tables. It was a feel-good moment.

*And because of those friendships between my dad and his sisters and their families, I have one of the BEST support systems a girl can have. Really, my siblings and cousins are the BEST sounding boards I have and I appreciate their opinions and advice. I think their experiences with life teach me a lot and I learn a lot from them. Sitting around the campfire and "shooting the breeze" is an ideal time and place for more of that bonding. And you can't really do that at the weddings or baby blessings, so a campout was perfect.

*My husband is the BOMB. Not only does he enjoy my family and all their sicky-ness and silly-ness, he likes cooking for all of us in the freezing cold. AND he convinced me we should take the trailer instead of the tent. WHICH came in handy when it was freezing outside and when we needed a flush toilet instead of a pit. AND he was really patient with me and the kids (which is nice since I tend to be a little uptight [what? Sarah?] when we are out of our element and in the elements). I love him and his mountain man self.

It was fun. Cold, for sure, but fun nonetheless. I'm really hoping we can camp at the beach for the reunion next year. It'll be like the good 'ol family campout with more sun and sand. Good times, for sure!


Leah and Dustin said...

I love seeing everyone's pictures. I wish I had pulled out my camera we really need to start recording these things. Had a great time and loved the campfire chats. dustin and I will still have ourselves a giggle every so often.

Rick/Dad/Grandpa/Mr. D said...

Even though I didn't spend the night (where the heck is that Mr. Charleston Four Seasons anyway??? lol) I had a great time! So much fun seeing and chatting with everyone and seeing all the kids that I kinda recognize but the names...forget it! I love events where I can show up and have fun! :-)