Monday, October 22, 2007

Where I've been!

Let's hear it for completing a HUGE project! The Warm Springs stake youth dance festival was Saturday night and, in my ever-so-humble opinion, it freakin' rocked! Not that I have THAT huge of an excuse as to why I haven't been blogging lately, but to say that the dance festival consumed my life the past couple of weeks would probably be an understatement. I really felt strongly for a couple years that we do something like this with the youth (you know how I like a production) and was glad to hear the activities committee was organizing a full-on festival. When it came back to the youth leaders, it was exciting . . . and a lot of work. I am glad that Barb (one of my BFF) accepted to co-chair with her super-hubby because they were AWESOME. Really, I can't say enough for all the leaders and the planning committee who got behind the project. And for those who didn't . . . well, I won't say anything because I am trying to be a better person. Plus it helps that I think they ate their grumbles when they saw how great it was. I'm glad all my family came, too. That was nice to see them support the stake and me. Especially my dad (not to down-play the rest of the family who came), but it really surprised me and touched me that he would come to something he'd probably rather not be at just to support me. Well, maybe he came for someone else, but I totally thought it was for me, so thanks Dad.

In other news, I did get my hair colored. I opted not to cut it (again) and to go dark for the fall season. I think it's kinda funny how I try to stay hip but get worried that someone will think, "Does she know she's too old to have long hair?" Like at what point does a mom have to get a mom-do? I wonder if, when I get all puffy and fatter if it would be better to go short then. Tyler's a longer-is-better kind of guy and I'm just vain enough not to care but what looks best. I do love Leisl (my hair gal) and have gotten re-accustomed to darker hair. Plus I kinda slurged on the hair product aisle at Target the other day and have found this sleek-hair stuff I'm kind of diggin'.

I had my first official Dr's appt. last Friday. It went as expected. I pee'ed in a cup, got weighed (really? why does that have to be at the beginning? "Hi, how's your morning? Let's see how fat you've gotten," says the nurse.), and the Dr. said I was "perfectly pregnant." Whatever that means. She was really supportive and kept reminding me it was a blessing (that could have just been casual pap-smear talk) and had a portable sonogram machine so I could see the kumquat (oh, yeah, we've grown from a kidney bean to a grape to a kumquat.) And (drum roll, please) there was only one kumquat. My official due date is May 12th, right in between Caylee's May 10th and Kenzie's May 13th birthdays. However, let's be real, I will be working hard for an early induction. May Day baby anyone? J/K (sorta) that's pushing it, but I'll be a little too done for my liking to go past May 7th. If the past holds true this baby will be a girl (as May's when the girls come to the Barlows) which is fine by me. I could do with more emotional drama than physical trauma (like with my boys). We'll see, maybe by Christmas.

And last, BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, a honkin' huge moment of silence for this announcement: Due to Sarah's lack of having it together, Paula will be re-joining the efforts to keep the Barlow house from completely falling apart. Yes, yes, next Monday she'll be coming to mop and scrub and wipe the corners I have been ignoring over the past two months of ickiness. I'm sure it will take me at least this entire week to pre-clean the dump heap we've called home. I do have some dignity so I won't list all the gross-ness, but I will say when Caylee is practicing her alphabet in our dust it's time for back-up. And when Tyler asks, "have you called the cleaning lady yet?" it's time to actually make the call. Whatever. Wonder woman I'm not. Let's all embrace that for a moment.

Have a great week, hopefully I can post again before a week passes, but let's not all hold our breath.


The Rowles said...

If only I could hear Chet say "have you called the cleaning lady?" (Only in my dreams he's too cheep!) Sounds like you have had your plate full, but sounds fun. And I prefer the physical trauma.

Jenn S. said...

Amazing! I wish I could have been there to see the production, it looks like it was wonderful.

Okay - hair is GORGEOUS! I don't know if it's cause when I met you you were darker, but I love you with darker hair (okay, I love you with any hair color, but ya know what I mean), really - beautiful Sarah, looks all shiney and pantine comercial ready.

And can I just say, it's about time, for getting Paula back into the family - girl, with all you've got going on, anyone with a plate as full as yours needs domestic help! Hooray for Paula Barlow! Hmm, maybe you can name the new baby after her? :)

PS - SOOOOO excited to see you! :)

Jerolyn said...

You mean Lentil to Kidney to Grape to Kumquat~get it straight Sarah!!! You left out lenny!

Kourtney said...

I dig the dark hair. The last time I got mine done I almost went dark. I'm so scared though. I've been blonde for so long.
It looks like the youth thing was really cool.
Frankie has offered to get me a maid, but you have to CLEAN before they even can do anything, so I declined the offer. That may change someday though! I guess he's trying to tell me something!

The Hulls said...

Looks like the dance festival turned out great! I'm so bummed that I missed that.

I ask myself that same question about how old is too old for long hair? Ethan says 40 or so, but I've seen woman older than that with long hair and they still look great so I dunno. Your hair looks fabulous though.

I'm jeolous of the cleaning lady. I'm not pregnant, but a nursing mother and a mother of 3 seems to keep me from getting anything done, as fast as I'd like anyway.


Leah and Dustin said...

your hair does look super fabulous in that picture! Am I going crazy, was your hair THAT long when we were up camping!?! Love the look, love the length! Oh, and I am so jealous that you have a "paula" I want one!

Beth said...

Go Pau-la, Go Sar-ah, Go Pau-la, Go Sar-ah! SOOO happy for you and Paula making a re-connection. It really is a Good Thing, as Martha would say.