Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Trying to keep myself busy

I am trying to decide if going to bed and feeling all gross and burpy is better than sitting up and blogging whilst trying to focus on not feeling all pregnant and sick. I guess another issue is I don't have anything to blog about, ya know the, "ooooo I am gonna totally blog that" kind of blog. So, probably not gonna be a hum-dinger of a post, but at least it'll give ya something new to look at in the morning.

Anyone out there have any tips for "morning sickness" that hits in the evenings? I've tried Tums. Finally. I bought some a couple weeks ago and have carried them around for days cuz I was nervous to take them. I even called my friend Jill to get her professional opinion b/c I remember her taking them once when she was pregnant. I actually opened them to give a couple to a friend of mine who's pregnant at church, but was too chicken to try a couple myself. I think I was afraid they'd be like Pepto Bismal or something. That medicine ALWAYS made me throw up when I was taking it to NOT throw-up. Anyway, I finally bit the bullet, er the pills and they weren't too bad. I opted for the tropical flavored ones, but they don't seem to be taking away the "ew I'm so nauseous" feeling I get in the evenings. I talked to my friend, Justiel, who's about 6 weeks ahead of me and, secretly, in my mind I was thinking about how jealous I was that she was gonna pass the pukey phase before me. And WHY am I whining about it? It's not like this isn't the first time around this popsicle stand. Well, whatever, I hate it, so if anyone has any tips, post em.

Oh, and post tips on how not to be a total space cadet. We had enrichment scrapbook calendar group tonight of which I had NO responsibilities for anything tonight. Well, I did have to show up, set up tables, be supportive, leave at 7pm to pick up my daughter at gymnastics, come back and be supportive, and clean up. Usually I teach the class with my friend ElRae's help, but this month she and Donna figured out the page, she shopped, put everything together, etc. and all I had to do was show up. So with not a lot to do (ElRae even did most of my layout as the example) you'd think it wouldn't be too hard to remember to run around the corner to pick up my eldest daughter from gymnastics. OH NO! Because I am a space cadet and totally forgot in the hour since dropping her off that I would have to get her. Luckily one of the other responsible moms noticed Kenzie hadn't been picked up and offered to call me on my cell. Reason #4 why you should always answer your cell phone even if you don't recognize the number (it could be a parent reminding you to DO YOUR JOB!) Of course, Mackenzie wasn't phased too much after I raced the 3 minutes over to the gym, "Mom, it's not like you haven't forgotten me before." Nice. Any tips about that ladies and gentlemen?

We're headed up to the big Livestock Days in Cedar this weekend, so I s'pose I should do laundry and pack in the morning. Oh, and I should probably not be in denial about having YW leadership meeting tomorrow night and prep my talk and handouts for that. And do the invitations for the YW medallion dinner in a couple weeks. And find the modesty skit for the Beehive Conference amongst me piles of papers. I'm watching ElRae's daughter in the morning since she's an active PTA mom and I am more of a pay-your-dues-and-donate-treats-for-all-functions kind of PTA mom. And I own that. I'm not complaining one bit about any of that stuff, mostly because tomorrow is the last day before track break. And to echo Leah's post, hallelujah.

Before I go, here's some rockin' pics of the BYU/UNLV alumni tailgating party where my rock star hubby worked his magic. Of course, I had to add the pictures of all the fans, too.


Leah and Dustin said...

Morning Sickness sucks! I've tried many tricks.. red hot candies, ginger snaps, B vitamins, they all help a little but carb anything is the only thing that settles my stomach. Especially baked potatoes or plain tortilla chips. Yuck, HATE that!

Tiffany said...

I much prefer ROLAIDS to TUMS they taste like the Tropical Fruit Punch Kool-Aid.

The Fatman said...

Cause I love you and Care!!!
General Remedies:

* Avoid warm places as heat can increase the nausea feelings.
* Take naps during the day (but not right after eating). Tiredness plays a big part in morning sickness.
* Get enough sleep at night.
* Get out of bed slowly in the morning.
* Try eating plain crackers or dry cereal before you get out of bed in the morning.


* Open windows or turn on exhaust fans when cooking and after meals.
* Cooking in the microwave usually produces less odors.
* Silly as it sounds, carry a handkerchief with a few drops of a non nausea causing essential oil (lemon for example) in it and breath through it if you can't get away from the smell that is bothering you.

Food and Drink:

* Avoid greasy or spicy foods as they often cause nausea or heartburn.
* Eat what you want when you want it. Your cravings will not lead you the wrong way.
* Have frequent protein snacks. (Low fat meats and seafood, nuts, eggs and beans are high protein.)
* Eat smaller meals every two hours or so.
* Eating something salty before a meal can help you "make it through" a meal.
* Do not drink fluids with your meals.
* Non caffeinated teas like peppermint and ginger can help calm nausea.
* Drink small amounts of fluids regularly though out the day to avoid dehydration.
* Do not skip meals if you can help it.
* Avoid spicy and fried food - both eating and smelling it can increase your nausea.
* Cold food may have less nausea inducing smells associated with them.


* Try taking your prenatals later in the day.
* Talk to your doctor about:
o Vitamin B6 - 50 mg. daily. Vitamin B6 has been shown to help with pregnancy induced nausea.
o Ginger capsules: 250 mg. three times daily. Ginger has long been associated with alleviating nausea. (Remember drinking ginger ale when you felt sick when you were little?)
o Ask your doctor if you can stop taking your Prenatals temporarily to see if the nausea diminishes. You may still need to take a Folic Acid supplement to help protect your baby.
o Talk to your doctor about not taking iron supplements unless you are anemic. Iron supplements can be hard for your stomach to deal with.

Leah and Dustin said...

Wow! You DO have a great friend in Daniel! What do I know?! I'm impressed! Couldn't have said it any better. That was great, loved it!

Beth said...

Daniel....personal experience???

Taralee said...

So far with all 3, I've been sick as a dog and throwing up ALL the time (3-10 times a day-ewww). I've tried everything under the sun and NOTHING has worked for me. So if YOU find something to be helpful, pass it this way. My turn will be coming soon and I'm sooooo not looking forward to that part of it :)

sarah said...

I have no advice to get rid of that yucky sickeness cause i oculdn't get rid of it myself. I even tried those little "prego pops" you buy at motherhood! nope didn't work. I got my sickness in the evening this time too. I'm just so glad it stopped at 15 weeks for me! Time is the only thing that helped me. hang in there.

The Hulls said...

I just want to say, I know how your feeling and I'm so sorry. It was almost a year ago, but I still remember the icky days. What helped me the most was to eat like every half hour, constant snacking. Grill up some chicken and keep a bunch in your fridge. It's a good quick protien snack(which will last you longer) and it's great to throw on a salad too. I know when you feel sick, the last thing you want to do is eat, but that's what helped me. Good luck!