Sunday, October 7, 2007

Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
I understand that you probably don't have much of your own life. I mean, why else would you spend a lovely Sunday afternoon lurking around on people's blogs only to leave mean comments. Sure, bouncing from blog to blog may be interesting to peek into strangers' lives, and maybe today you were bugged to find a blog that showed a person obviously better-off and happier than you must be. Perhaps you don't understand the purpose of a family blog - to share one's personal experiences and opinions with those who appreciate and love the wonderful person they are in reality. A blog does not completely explain the depth and sincerity and awesome-ness of a person, but it is a small glimpse of their greatness and it really frustrates me to think your measly little comment would make him/her question any of their fabulous-ness. I suppose it's not so nice of me to address you, Anonymous, in such a public forum, (and I actually hope you are Anonymous enough to not follow our family thread as that would be more disgusting), but perhaps you understand tit for tat when I leave this comment on your blog, if you'd been brave enough to own your own crap:
Anonymous, You stink and I am really upset that you would dare to leave a negative comment on a blog that inspires me and makes me happy. The fact that you can't leave your real name, and hide behind an "anonymous" tag speaks volume for the small-minded, teeny-hearted LOSER you must be. Back off our blogs!
Seriously bugged,


Stac said...

:) this some how made me feel a lot better. Thanks for the letter. I think I will link to your blog just to make sure whoever it is reads your letter. It was perfect. thanks.

Jerolyn said...

You are such a good "I got your back~er" FO REAL!!!

Tyler said...

Please read my comment on Stacy's blog, because this spineless piece of human waste is really not worth our time. He/she/it obviously has no life. Hiding behing a computer on the internet is the only place they can feel tough. What does it feel like to not have any friends. Probably never had a girlfriend/boyfriend either. YES-I AM CALLING YOU OUT!!! FEEL FREE TO POST TO MY BLOG WITH YOUR NAME, IF YOU ARE MAN OR WOMAN ENOUGH!!! Nevermind, there is no way you can be. You attacked a defenseless pregnant woman. Male or female, what does that say about you?

Julina said...

Sarah, you are awesome. I applaud you.

The Fatman said...

When I find Anonymous I am gonna kick him square in the nutz

Tyler said...

Hey Daniel, I want in on the nut kickin' party, so let me know when you find the a** hole!!!!