Saturday, October 6, 2007

More love, Less hate relationship

Although Brock and Caitlyn are both two, and have been around each other from the beginning, they are still working out some of the kinks in their relationship. Let's face it, Brock can be brutish and Caitlyn is Miss Independent (unless Grandma is around, then she wants a partner.) Here's some pictures and imaginary dialogue between the two of them (since they can't talk much more than to yell, "MINE," or "NO," or "STOP!")

Brock: "Caitlyn, if I poke your hairbow and head enough times will you hollar at me? Cuz I think it's really funny when you scream and whine. In fact, I get a big kick out of getting a rise out of you. This probably won't change much while we grow up together."

Caitlyn: "You know, Brock, we can play together with civilized activities (like book reading and pretend-kitchen-playing) that don't end up in either of us crying. If you just do as I direct, and NEVER touch my purse, we can have a lovely friendship."

Brock: "But wrestling is SOOOO much better than that other stuff."

Caityln: "Not really. Lasting happiness comes when you keep your grubby hands off of me. Now sit here and look at your mom like a nice boy. Thanks."


Tris said...

They are so cute together! Love the pictures!

Beth said...

They look related. Cute dialog.

chris jenkins said...


now i expect to see this on a future scrapbook LO!